About Smartflyer

Why does travelling around the world, should cost you a world?

Now you can travel to the places you love with complete flexibility with SmartFlyer- an independent travel search engine that compares the hundreds of travel websites around the world- simply presenting the easiest way of comparison. It helps you find the best flight deals, grab offers and make every journey simpler. To make your travel relatively cheaper, we are here!

SmartFlyer helps to scour the big supply jungle to really find the best deals. In simpler terms, we browse through thousands of travel websites around the world and then display the results clearly for comparison. We search major domestic and international airlines, including low cost airlines, and even online travel agencies and airfare consolidators. Thus, a precise and concise way of getting the cheapest flights is just a click away and nothing stands in the way of a simple price comparison.

Our website works the way travel-loving humans think about travel. Thus, we made it our job to cut through the clutter and confusion and create the simplest way to find the right flight at the right price.

We offer the fastest and easiest way to find the cheapest flights across the globe to make your travel cheaper and convenient. We offer the most comprehensive travel search portal, providing you an overview of the best available flights and travel deals from world`s leading travel agencies and airlines to help you pick what suits you the most.

Our website helps you save time and your hard-earned money by comparing the world`s premium and top travel websites to show you the best and cheapest flights in one compiled list. The list includes the airfare, airlines and the website – a unique display that makes it a child`s play for every user to visually compare results and to pick what is certainly the best option.

After selecting the fare in just one click, you will be redirected to your chosen site, where you can simply take the entire booking process further ahead, to complete the booking with that particular travel website.

SmartFlyer is not a travel agency and our website does not sell flight tickets. We only provide you the best travel deals after searching across millions of travel portals that includes airlines, online travel agency, and travel portals to help you compare and pick the one that suits your budget. Every offer or deal from different websites or travel providers are simply presented and summarized in the most simplified way, so that you can choose nothing, but the BEST!

What makes us stand out?
• Our displays are clean and uncluttered.
• We provide filter tools to help you narrow results using factors like number of stops and departures times.
• Search results are easy to understand.
• Fare displays include all applicable taxes and fees

Enjoy travelling around the world, let finding the cheapest flights be our task!

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