Contemporary and cultured, Switzerland`s ravishing beauty commands attention. Always evolving and ever innovative, the Swiss have always embraced the fresh, new and the experimental. A perfect antidote to natural beauty and modern traditions, Switzerland is also home to castles, chic Geneva astraddle Europe’s largest lake, deeply Germanic Basel and its bold architecture, tycoon magnet Zug, party-loving Lausanne and uber-cool Zürich with its riverside bars, reborn industrial west district and atypical street grit.

Going by the size of the country, Switzerland has plenty of splendid views that will take your breath away and leave a lasting memory. Discover 5 natural wonders of Switzerland:


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This jagged tooth-like Matterhorn is the world`s most photographed mountain. A sight to behold, the mountain is standing at 4,478 meters high and is one of the tallest mountains in the Alps.

The Rhine Falls-

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Have you ever come across a wall of white foam? We bet, you haven`t! The Rhine Walls which is also Europe`s largest waterfall is a wall of frothing white foam that thunders from afar as hundreds of cubic feet of water flow over it every second. Other impressive highlights are the rocks that have withstood the erosive power of falls since centuries.


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Very few lakes can stand in front of Oeschinensee when it comes to beauty. Oeschinensee may be smaller as compared to the other lakes, but it is extremely gorgeous. What makes it more appealing is its still and clear water that reflects the image of the surrounding mountains, making it perhaps the most photogenic lake in the Alps.

Aletsch Glacier-

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If you have been a fan of Hollywood`s popular animated movie – the Ice Age then you will be happy to see the Aletsch Glacier. The Aletsch Glacier is one of the great glaciers from the last Ice Age that stretched for 23 kilometers and is the largest glacier to be found in Europe today.

Lauterbrunnen Valley-

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Lined by 72 cascading waterfalls in the valley, Lauterbrunnen is an ancient glacial valley which is 3 km deep. The distinctive U-shape of this valley makes it exceptionally unique, making it easier for everyone to imagine the massive glaciers that carved it from the surrounding mountains.

Staubbach Falls-

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Staubbach Falls is the highest waterfall in Europe. This waterfall is one of the many waterfalls that are found in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, where the water cascades from 300 meters height.

Lac Léman-

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Lac Leman is the largest lake in Switzerland and the Alps. Also known as Lake Geneva, Lac Leman sprawls across 73 kilometers from Geneva, on the western border with France to all the way along to the resort town of Montreux. The might Alps tower above it, giving a dramatic background along the breadth of the water`s edge.

The Fairies’ Grotto, St. Maurice-

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The Fairies` Grotto is the result of thousand years of erosion. Carved by water, St. Maurice is home to a subterranean lake and a thundering 50 meter high underground waterfall.

Creux de Van-

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Witness the nature`s creative masterpiece at Creux de Van that looks like a surreal amphitheater. The 160 meter high, deeply curved bowl is also a great place to spot ibex and other wildlife.

These are some of the best places in Switzerland that are offbeat and least travelled. Visit these natural wonders to make your vacation memorable. To search, find great deals and compare flights.

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