Finland has fascinated every globetrotter for years, especially during Christmas. It`s a dream come true for millions of people to visit the home of Santa Claus and one of the most beautiful countries in the world during December 25th.

Finland has plenty of Christmas Markets and to go for shopping at one of these authentic Christmas Markets is one of the things that top everyone`s bucket list. Practically every town and city in Finland has Christmas Market, and each is a lovely place for taking in the festive vibes.

So if you are looking to Book Discounted Flight Tickets for Finland, check out some of the top markets throughout Finland that you must visit:

St. Thomas Christmas Market

Featuring 120 merchants in traditional wooden huts, the St. Thomas Christmas Market is one of Finland`s oldest and largest holidays markets that is held in Helsinki`s Senate Square. One can find exclusive Finnish gifts and crafts and in addition to mostly handmade products, there are different performances, a children`s fair ground and visits from Santa. The market is quite popular that results in packed weekends, thus it is better to visit the market on weekdays.

Tampere Christmas Market

This Christmas Market of Finland collaborates with Tampere`s twin city of Essien in Germany. The market is one of the oldest and usually sees traditional crafts and foods coupled with live performances, demonstrations by Blacksmith and glass blowing. The market is located 2-hours away from Helsinki by train; therefore it is worth the journey if you want to be a part of traditional Christmas fate. If you want to visit this market, book discounted flight tickets from our website, today!


Although Rovaniemi is not technically a Christmas Market; this city in Lapland contains the village of Santa Claus, which essentially serves as a year-long Christmas Market. The winter may get little unkind in Lapland, but the surroundings and ambience make up for the harsh winters as it creates the classic Christmas image we all know is a truly magical atmosphere. To add up to more excitement, the village offers a ride to Santa in an authentic reindeer sleigh.

Turku Christmas Market

Often considered as the “Christmas Town” of Finland, as the declaration of Christmas Peace has been held in the city annually since the 13th century; Turku is a popular market of Finland. Located in the old town district, it is one of the most visually appealing markets and sells crafts and delicious food alongside street performances and Santa Claus’ hut.

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