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A dream destination for every outdoor enthusiast, Madagascar is one place on earth where you will never get short of breathtaking experiences. The island is a synonym for paradise and offers a wide range of amazing and exciting things to do for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

From hopping islands to exploring hiking trails to watching the whales breathing, each one of the experiences in Madagascar is fun-filled and authentic. The fourth largest island in the world will leave you with a lifetime of memories and experiences. If you have been planning to visit this island, here is a list of awesome things you must strike off the list to have the most fulfilling experience on the paradise island:

  1. Dive with Whale Sharks

Not for the faint-hearted, this activity is for those who love to wear their hearts on sleeves. Thus if you consider yourself a daredevil then diving with the whale sharks in the deep waters of Nosy Be will pique your interest. Madagascan reefs are rarest place on the earth where you will get to swim along the whale sharks, stingrays and manta rays. This is truly one of the most wonderful experiences you must indulge in Madagascar.

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  1. A walk at La Corniche

Mahajanga in Madagascar is all about the panoramic La Corniche. This gorgeous promenade appears even more beautiful with the palm streets and street food carts. Take a stroll under the shade of palm trees in the evening to soak in the goodness of the sun and to feel refreshed with sea breeze caressing your skin while you nibble on the local Malagasy delicacies from the food carts.

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  1. Greet the Crocs

One of the most visited parks in Madagascar, this popular crocodile park is located in Antananarivo. Apart from the giant crocs, you can also come across lemurs, chameleons, and toucans.

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  1. Watch Humpback Whales

Ever seen a whale spouting in the sea? If not, this can be your chance to make your dream come true. Embark on a boat sail to witness the humpback whales that migrate from South Pole to all the way to Sainte Marie Channels for calving and breeding. Thus witness these giant mammals playing in the ocean and do not forget to click pictures!

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  1. Go for Paragliding

If you though there was no scope of taking a paragliding adventure in Madagascar, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Paragliding in Madagascar is one of the activities that lure the globetrotters to this heavenly island as it provides the terrific views of the Malagasy landscapes. The granite cliffs of Tsaranoro near Andonaka Village in Madagascar pose a great site for paragliding.

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  1. Explore the Caves

Get amazed with the astonishing Ankarana caves of Madagascar! The limestone caves are a trove of fossils dating back to millions of years. These caves even boast of a wide network of underground rivers where the wild predators swim. Apart from the wild beasts, you can also admire the stalagmites and stalactites formations on the ceilings. Burrowing through these caves seems like one of the best activities to do in Madagascar.

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So there you have it! The best way to enjoy your holidays in Madagascar is to do all the above mentioned things. To get the best fares and flights with lowest airfare, compare your flights at Smart Flyer compares more than hundreds of websites to give you the best price, guaranteed! So save time and fly smarter!

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