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Nothing undermines a well-planned and long awaited vacation like lost baggage or no-show luggage. When your systematically packed suitcase fails to show up at the conveyor belt, you are guaranteed to experience a mini-heart attack and a stressful experience of filling out the long procedures that follows the trauma.

So how can you safeguard your baggage from getting lost? Well, the most obvious one is to book a direct flight to your destination or to travel with only a cabin baggage, which is next to impossible. Then what is the solution? Check out our smartest travel tips that will help ensure that your luggage stays on track:

Check In Early

According to one survey, travelers who show-up late at the airport or only with few minutes to spare before their departure – are more likely to get separated from their luggage. As the baggage handlers need time to process luggage and load it onto the planes, it is recommended to appear early at the airport. Many experts say, reach airport hours before so that you will have maple of time to go through check-in time. For this travel tip as it is extremely helpful and the best way to make sure, your luggage reaches you on time.

travel tips

Keep Your Itinerary inside Your Bag

Luggage tags can come out or be easily torn off in the rough handling process, but a detailed copy of your itinerary, kept on the top of your belongings will certainly make your bag reach you in a short span of time. In the case of any delay, airline staff members open delayed bags when looking for further contact information.

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Click Photos

Not yours, but of your bag! If your bag has gone missing and you are attempting to get it back then photo evidence will definitely help. Take a picture of your bag form the outside and the inside to show the airline staff member who will be helping you locate it. It is also advisable to take a quick-photo of your baggage claim ticket, just in case you lose it.

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Define Your Bag Using Luggage Strap

With so many people using a suitcase from the same brand can result into a mistaken identity at the baggage carousel. So give your bag a unique identity with a colorful or a whacky luggage strap, neon duct tape or whatever your little creative mind can conjure up. A clever travel tip like this can surely help you identify your luggage.

Avoid Short Layovers

Shorter time, tight schedule and shorter layovers increase the likelihood that your bags will go missing. If your flight is late, the window of time for airport staff members to transfer your bags from one plane to next narrows down. Thus before booking flights, pay attention to the length of your layover and book a connecting flight only if it is for the duration of two hours or more.Planning a trip but scared to lose your luggage? Don`t worry and follow our smart travel tips that will ensure your luggage reaches you at the baggage conveyor belt.

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