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Nothing can beat the excitement of embarking on a new global adventure. A new country, region, city or a continent can give any true globetrotter goosebumps. So whether you are going with your friends or all solo, there are few travel companions that you just can`t afford to leave without- your passport, credit cards and of course your phone.

Passport and credit cards have self-explanatory reasons, but why phone you may ask? Because apart from keeping you stay connected with your family and loved ones, there are plenty of travelling apps you can download to ensure you have the best trip ever! Although you will come across hundreds of apps when it comes to travel ones, we have sorted out the best ones just for you! Check out these apps that you must have on your phone and you can thank us later:

Hopper- Advanced Travel Booking App

Get your travel arrangements booked in advance! Sounds too good to be true, right? But Hopper is the best app for planners. Travel doesn’t come cheap but that doesn`t mean it is mandatory to break banks. Use few hacks and tips and you will have it all sorted in front of your eyes. So when it comes to booking a flight, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a flight you had booked being sold for cheaper price just weeks later. Thus, with Hopper, you can put your travel plans and the app will tell you the best time to book the flight.

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Delayed flights, re-scheduled flights and few other glitches can simply sap the energy out of you and there is nothing more disappointing to watch people go into executive lounges to enjoy complimentary food and drinks, comfy seating and more. But with LoungeBuddy, you can be the one enjoying all of it without paying a fortune. You can book an entrance into almost any lounge for a one-time fee, without any subscription charges. Simply select your airport, your date of travel and pick a lounge. Enjoy the delayed flight!

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Duolingo – Language App

The major drawback of travelling to a foreign country is the inability of understand their local language. Although most of the countries do speak English, you may find yourself in a situation where the locals do not understand English and you of course their language. Although it is wise to learn few words before hopping on to your flight, Duolingo is the app that helps people to learn new languages in an entertaining way. The app is extremely easy to use and keep users hooked on the language of their choice.

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If you are daring enough to take on an unfamiliar public transport system, this app have your back covered. Aimed at commuters for better travelling experience, this app will give you the best travel advice within a city. This app will give you all the options to get around a city, from car sharing to buses or trains.

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Make your traveling easier by installing these apps in your phone. These apps will not only help you to navigate easily through the cities, but will also make your experience unforgettable. Also before booking flights, try Smart Flyer – a travel aggregator that compares more than 1000 websites to show you the cheapest airfares. Visit, today!



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