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Historic yet hip, bizarre yet bureaucratic, beautiful yet simple, Brussels is multicultural to its roots. The sprawling cityscape swings from majestic to quirky to rundown and back again. The vibrant Brussels is known for being many things at the same time and that versatility is what makes it a perfect place for those who are hungry to explore something fresh and new every second.

From peeing statues, hills, magnificent Art Deco villas and miniature Europe to parks with specific cultural missions, Brussels has it all. Getting cheap flights to Brussels is also easy, so why not explore the heart of Europe? Here, you will find 5 essentials to visit when here:


Although the peeing statues are famous all over the world, the quirky Manneken Pisthe peeing boy statue is the favorites of the locals. The Brusselaars good-humoredly dress-up this statue and have adopted it as their symbol. There also his family members in the city- both girl sculpture Jeanneke Pis and dog sculpture Zinneke, which are lesser known and have been doing their business since ‘90s on the streets of Brussels.

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Location- Brussels’ Peeing Statues, Brussels, Belgium


Step back in time by visiting UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is admired across the globe for its remarkably homogenous look. Enclosed by a 15th century Town Hall, almost 40 sumptuous guild houses and the gorgeous Maison du Roi, the Grand Place will reveal its splendor after you take a stroll across one of its several small cobbled alleys. Once every two years, its cobblestones streets form the canvas for flowers. So do not miss out on this extravagant event and get cheap flights to Brussels, easily.

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Location– Grand-Place, Brussels, Belgium


One of Europe`s first covered shopping arcades, the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is split into three magnificent halls, the King`s gallery, the Queen`s gallery and the Prince`s gallery, providing a lush setting for a good window shop. Book your cheap flights to Brussels to visit this alluring piece of architecture.

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Location- Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Rue du Marché aux Herbes 90, Brussels, Belgium


One of the gems that are located on the Mont des Arts is the Musical Instruments Museum. While most of the people are unaware of its architect, most of the people believe that the location of this eye-catching monument is a Victor Horta design but it was actually Paul Saintenoy behind its flamboyant design. The impressive building is also home to internationally renowned collection of 7,000 instruments and has a lovely rooftop patio as well.

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Location- Musical Instruments Museum, Rue Montagne de la Cour 2, Brussels, Belgium


If you are a budget traveler and want to see the entire Europe that too at dirt cheap prices then surprisingly, you will find the most penny-pinching way to see all of the continent`s most renowned architectural achievements in the shadows of the Atomium. If you are travelling with your kids, this is the place that represents of the ‘best of the best’. The site represents the most popular European classic monuments, shrunken down to 1/25th of their size.

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Location- Mini-Europe, Brussels, Belgium

With plenty of things to do in Brussels, you will hardly find a breather in this mesmerizing place. Take a walk back into the time and indulge yourself in the unique experiences. Plan a trip to Brussels and compare flights on, to find the cheapest flights.

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