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If you are done with grey winters, or dark clouds along with cold temperatures and heavy rainfalls or white Christmas, a description of Arica will surely sweep you off your feet. Living up to its reputation of “a city that never sleeps”, this dusty, quaint little town in the north of Chile, often grabs a hold of people and doesn`t let them leave.

The pace of Arica is amazingly delightful! The temperature is warm and sunny, all the year round with crazy pedestrian mall to wander around come sunset along with gorgeous brown-sugar beaches located at just a short walk from the town center. Top this off with super-cool surf beaches and plenty of other sites to laze around and explore. If this is not enough for you to start packing your bags and leave for Arica right now for Christmas celebrations, here are some more reasons that will definitely have you booking tickets, right away:

  1. No Downpour, come what may!

Arica is labelled as the world`s driest city and an appeal that is almost impossible to resist. The best thing about this place is that it never rains, even if it appears cloudy and this lends a sense of security to those who are always on their toes about the possibility of getting their plans spoiled.  So when you know that your plans won`t be sidetracked, you can fill your list with all the things, you wanted to do.

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  1. Atacama Desert

The reason behind no rainfall in Arica lies in its close proximity to the Atacama Desert. The Atacama Desert is so dry which makes it impossible to sustain any life, even on a cellular level and in its existence. Evidence would suggest that the desert has never received rain, which makes it truly unique. The scenery here is enormous, estimated 105,000 square miles.

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  1. Lauca National Park

Located only couple of hours from Arica, lies the Lauca National Park that has been a matter of fascination for the tourists, so much so that buses passing through from Bolivia are filled with tourists holding their cameras to click stunning pictures of the desert. Taking only couple of hours inland from Arica, it will take you to the most historic part of Chile that will make you feel like you are on a barren planet with volcanoes, barren planet, rugged land along with rocky terrain and high altitude lakes.

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  1. Cuevas de Anzota

Arica not only has a vast expanse of desert but also ocean and waves that are quite calm. There are also rugged and more active coast situated at a distance of 12 km from the ocean. The waves rush in through all the angles as the wind down here tends to pick up and this natural action has had its effect on the coast, and cliffs, carving away at the land, giving way to natural cave systems that are beautiful and a must see.

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  1. Mysterious & ancient mummies

Get over Egypt, as the Azapa Valleys home to some of the oldest known mummified humans remain ever discovered. Visit the valley to head towards Archaeological Museum in San Miguel de Azapa to get a closer look at the remains of humans dating back thousands of years before the famous Egyptian mummies.

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Whatever you want to experience, Arica has everything! A breathtaking desert that has never tasted even a single drop of water since its inception will definitely give you some serious vacation goals. So pack your bags and get, set, go!

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