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We all love travelling, and when if it were for free, we wouldn`t be home or at office, working night and day. We all want to travel around the globe, but unfortunately travelling doesn’t come for free and flying to your favorite destination may require you to shed money as well.

Although buying tickets can never be free, but it can definitely be cheaper if you can be smart enough to plan your trip in advance. So if you are a budget traveler or want to discover the unseen without breaking banks, here is a list of few simple hacks that can help you save huge on flights bookings:

  1. Browse, Browse, Browse!

Airfares fluctuate every hour! Every day there are thousands of airlines that are offering killer deals and amazing prices through special promotions or flash sales. Cheap deals are out there, available on the web and you can book your flights at cheaper prices if you know how to find them.

Moreover, it’s always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend, because most people travel on the weekends and airlines hike their prices then.

  1. Ignore the Myths

The second thing that one should keep in mind is that there is no one-day magic or ninja tricks that will help you find cheap holidays or cheap deals. There are lots of online scams that you must have come across on your search that help you find the best deals. Do not fall for them! They are all scams. There is no way out that you can predict airline prices and websites.

  1. Be Flexible With Your Dates & Times

Airlines fares aren`t predictable but yes, the ticket prices vary greatly depending on the day and date of the week, time of year and upcoming holidays such as Christmas, New year`s Eve, Fourth of July, Easter and Thanksgiving. August is considered to be the peak tourist time for travelling around Europe and you can find airfares at all-time high.

Therefore it is better to travel on days when less people are traveling as it can get you cheaper fares and exceptional services. For instance, instead of travelling a day or two before Christmas, travel on Christmas. You can get your favorite seat and the staff will be extra polite and caring. Make the most of cheap deals by being flexible with your travelling dates.

  1. Explore with destinations

If you travelling plans depend on your budget and the price that airlines is going to charge you, then you can get best deals across the web. There are many flights comparison sites, where you can simply find amazing destination with lowest airfares. But if you have a place in mind and want to travel there then you can look out for less popular airports. They might be located little outside the city, but this option can get you cheap deals and lowest airfare.

  1. Fly low-cost carriers

Gone are those days when flying only meant choosing from world class premium airlines that cost a bomb even for economy class! Today, there are many budget carriers that have made travel convenient and cheaper. These airlines now also service many long-haul routes, making it possible to fly from part of the world to another. So pick wisely!

  1. Use Travel Aggregators

When it comes to planning smartly, be a smart traveler. There are plenty of travel aggregators that are available across the web that compare more than 1,000 travel websites or travel agencies to provide you with the cheapest airfare. All you have to put is your departure city and the destination city along with your travelling dates and it will display you cheap deals offered by thousands of websites.

Upon finding a suitable offer, you can simply click on the deal and you will be re-directed on the website`s link. There are travel comparison websites like SmartFlyer that fetch the best results.

So all the backpackers and smart travelers, if you want to save as well as explore the unseen world, do an extensive research before making the payments. Be flexible, be intelligent and don`t forget to use




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