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Travelling means planning and the concept of planning involves everything, from the places you are going to visit to clothes you would like to wear. While packing for a tropical destination or a beach vacation is simple, light and easy, packing for a hilly retreat can be a bit tricky.

With so many different clothing, it becomes confusing what to pack and what not to pack. So if you are planning a hilly retreat to escape the hectic city life, here are some packing tips for your travel and a list of must haves for your next vacation to the hills:

  1. Leather Jacket– Want stay arm while keeping it stylish? Up your style by packing a leather Jacket along with you. Not only your leather Jacket will keep you warm and cozy but will also make an attractive style tips
  2. Windcheaters- The weather in high altitudes can be a lot different and can be extremely harsh, thus do not forget to pack windcheaters. Windcheaters will not only protect your against the severe weather conditions but will also keep you warm and save your from rain. Get a hooded one and you can also protect your ears.packing tips
  3. Sweaters/Pullovers- Sweaters or Pullover, whichever you pick are perfect for the protection from cold weather. These days they are available in plenty of colors, fabric and material, so you will have a large variety of choices to pick from. You can choose from a range of different patterns and tips
  4. Mufflers- Who said you winter styling has to be boring? Wrap a stylish muffler around your neck to keep you warm and snug. It will make you look chic and your attire appealing. A wide range of styles are available to choose from and pair it with what you are wearing to add a pop of style. This travel packing tip will definitely save you from cold and harsh packing tip
  5. Woolen Socks- To save your toes from frost bites and cold, pack pairs of woolen socks. They will keep your feet warm and packing tip
  6. Leg Warmers- Apart from keeping your legs warm, leg warmers look gorgeous and extremely stylish that will definitely turn heads around. Pick something in bright shade to look a class packing tip
  7. Gloves- It`s an extremely painful experience to get frost bites while playing with snowballs. So keep your fingers warm and cozy with a lovely pair of gloves. If you are heading to extremely cold destination, go for packing tip
  8. Thermal- If you do not like to layer up too much then thermals are for you. Thermals can definitely help you cut down on the number of layers that you end up wearing. If it is moderately cold, you can simply pull on a jacket over your packing tip
  9. Beanie- Stay warm and stylish with a woolen Beanie cap that will save your head and protect your hair from getting damaged by freezing winds. Pick one in your favorite packing tip
  10. Backpack- If you are going on a hiking trail, our next travel packing tip will definitely help you carrying your luggage in a most simplistic manner. For adventure trips, a backpack is your best companion. So roll your clothes and organize your belongings in your backpack for a mountain packing tip

Travel smart and pack smarter! Carrying too many or fewer clothes can certainly spoil your vacation. Therefore, pack all the essentials we have mentioned below to carry in your bag. Follow our travel packing tips and you are good to go. For more travel tips visit Smart Flyer.  

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