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As the Christmas and New Year`s lurking out from the calendar, the real preparations to make these holidays special have finally begun! From travelling out with your family to visiting your loved ones is something that is definitely on the cards. So whether you are staying alone or with your family, travel plans are in the pipe line.

But travelling over the holidays can be notoriously expensive, busy and frustrating because of the peak-season and growing demand for the tickets, but guess what? The news is not all bad! There are still plenty of cheap deals to be found; provided you have the right information and you know exactly where to look for it. So if you are as clueless about the 70% of the other traveler, check out our 5 holiday tips to add some joy to your travel bills:

  1. Avoid Travelling On Peak Dates

Every year on Christmas and New Year`s, the peak holiday days keeps changing depending on which day of the calendar these festivals fall. Thus either travel on the day of the festival or a day after as it will get you cheaper airfare. If you are unsure about the dates or you are unable to understand the algorithm of booking tickets, use a travel aggregator or search engine that will let you put in flexible travel dates.

holiday tips

  1. Buy One-way Tickets

Before you make the payment and book a roundtrip airfare for holiday travel, compare one-way ticket prices with the airlines. Also, if you are willing to book a roundtrip then try booking the return flight with a different airline from the one you used to reach your destination as this can offer money savings and more convenient flight times.

  1. Don`t Wrap Your Gifts

With a swell in number of travelers during the festive season, the security at the airports gets more secured. Thus, do not wrap your gifts ahead of time because the security personnel have the right to unwrap and inspect all the packages. You can also carry all your holiday gifts in your carry-on luggage, so that you don`t risk the airlines losing your luggage.

holiday tips

  1. Know your Airports

During holidays when everyone is so eager to meet their family, checking for an alternate airport might seem like a weird idea, but during holiday travel it can really make a difference. The alternate airport gamble can pay off well during the holiday crush. The smaller airports see fewer flights and typically fewer delays, thus offering you a chance to save both- money and time.

  1. Pack Wisely& Leave Early

During festival season, your luggage is bound to become heavier with Christmas gifts and other presents for your loved ones, therefore try to pack lighter so that you can easily clear the security checkpoint. Also make sure that you leave early to catch your flight ton time because during the peak travel times, much of your trouble lays on the security check-in, traffic jams and parking problems Thus try to leave for the airport early, that will not only ensure that you catch your flight on time, but also from bots of anxiety.

holiday tips

So do travel on Christmas and Thanksgiving to make this day even more special, but do it smartly. Make some search and compare your flights first and then book your tickets. Compare it at Smart Flyer, where you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares after comparing more than thousands travel websites. To compare flights, visit now!


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