Travel and photography, go hand in hand! While travel enriches our soul, photography on the other hand helps us to save those incredible moments for the lifetime that we can cherish till eternity. So whether you are just starting out for your new travel destination or well on your way to storm your Instagram account with awe-inspiring pictures, here are some software and apps that will help you to achieve those jaw-dropping results. Check them out here:

  1. Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

The first on our list is Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and this software has received amazing feedbacks from its users because it`s free and offers pretty wonderful and powerful suite of editing tools for RAW photo taken from the Cannon camera. DPP can also be used to edit the JPEG photos but that makes the functionality more limited.

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The gamma adjustment and white balance functions are amazing and the software lets you convert RAW images to JPEG in bulk.

  1. PhotoScape

Once you have converted your RAW photos to JPEG, this free editor can be used to make your travel photographs really stunning. PhotoScape can be used to crop, resize, “heal” objects using the clone tool or make any last minute modifications to brightness, saturation and contrast. Those who are just at the learning stage when it comes to editing the images will find this editor really simple and effective.

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  1. GIMP

One of the best and the most effective in terms of functionality, GIMP is an awesome editorial tool which is absolutely free. The software is free to use and easily available across the internet. The tools are pretty powerful and can be used for tone mapping, adjusting color and also to lighten shadows. You can also fix the lens distortion and perspective issues.

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  1. Touch Retouch

Clicked a beautiful picture, but there are too many distractions present in the frame? Nonetheless, ‘Touch Retouch’ is one incredible app for your phone that lets you remove unwanted objects form your pictures. This app works brilliantly especially when you want to remove people or objects from photos of ocean, lakes or more solid backgrounds. The app is a pure magic and you must install it in your phones, right now!

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  1. A Color Story

Popular and admired for its perfect grid management tool, ‘A Color Story’ has been receiving a lot more positive reviews as it lets you make up for amazing Instagram feeds and posts. The app has plenty of free filters along with giving you the opportunities to create and save your own ‘recipes’. Apart from the filters, it also has lots of photo editing tools including color curves, selective editing and simple split toning. This will make your photos truly amazing, giving your followers some serious vacation goals.

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Thus, if you are an avid traveler than you must get these software and apps to make memories and photographs that are truly inspiring. This will not only make your Instagram or Facebook feed more vibrant and beautiful but will also help you increase your followers before you next trip. For pro-like effects install the above mentioned apps and software and to book flights, use Smart Flyer.

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