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Travelling has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although the advantages outdo the disadvantages, travelling has some essentials do`s and don`ts. While people usually talk and discuss about the things that they should do on a holiday, no one talks about the things that shouldn`t be done, which is far more prominent than the former one.

Thus, if you are planning to go on a trip, no matter domestic or international, go through the list of some handy tips and travel warnings on what you shouldn`t indulge yourselves. These smart tips will not only save you from embarrassment but will also provide you a more fulfilling experience than you actually expected:

  1. Do not dine near a famous tourist spot- Although it would be difficult to control yourself not to enjoy food near the most famous attraction of the city or the country, in the long run, you will pat your back from not doing so. Restaurants and hotels that are located nearby tourist spot might lure you with their grand interiors and a long queue, but dig a little deeper and you will realize that they are hideously overpriced food is only half as good as the real deal.find cheap flights
  2. Do not book tickets early- “Early bird catches the worms”, if you believe in this old adage then we would like to tell you that there are certain things where this idea does not imply. While it does work to book flight tickets 3 to 4 months in advance from the day of your trip, it is advisable to buy cruise tickets at the very last minute. Travelling agencies offer amazing last minute offers to fill cruises and group tours.find cheap flights
  3. Don`t be too casual while using body language- Every country has its own religion and customs that are different from each other. This diversity gives the purpose to every trip and vacation. Therefore if you are visiting a different country from yours, it is wise to do some research about their culture and also learn few nicks and knacks. For instance if you are in a Buddhist country, do not touch anyone`s head.
  4. Don`t waste time to save few bucks- While travelling smartly should be everyone`s priority, it shouldn`t be at the cost of wasting time. To some it might seem convenient to cover distances on foot and save money, but it`s not worth it if you are losing time that you could have invested elsewhere.find cheap flights
  5. Don`t be afraid to explore the not-so-popular tracks- Popular places and attractions might be topping you bucket list, but the real deal lies in discovering the offbeat paths. Do not limit yourself to the confines of your hotel room or the travel itinerary that is easily available on google. Do your research, talk to locals or simply ask the backpackers who have already marked their territory in the country you have visited. So explore the unexplored and you will have a unique experience that you will cherish till your last breath.

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