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So after zeroing-in on a destination, you must have packed your bags, booked your flights, got your approved visa, booked hotels and arranged everything. Pretty much sorted with everything, you must be thinking about the cash that you haven`t converted yet that you can convert it straight at the airport. Right? Wrong.

Well, while we are sorry to disappoint you, let us take a moment to throw some light on the exchanging currency. By choosing to figure out your forex issues at the last moment, you may end up increasing your budget of the entire trip due to excessive currency conversion rates. So to make sure that you don`t overstep your decided budget, we have got some great travel tips for buying forex while travelling:

  1. Places to Buy From

Along with the legal channels, there are money lenders, travel agents, banks and of course airports from where you can buy forex cards. Each and every forex card comes with its own advantages, benefits, and reward points and last but definitely not the least – disadvantages. Money lenders and currency conversion outlets are among the cheapest when it comes to conversion rates or lending fees.

Also, many people prefer legal and authorized channels over unauthorized dealers and the reason is called a receipt. Counterfeit bills is a real problem and it`s illegal to exchange currency with a fake or without a receipt. Exchanging currency without a receipt can land you in a serious trouble. So make sure that you exchange currency with an official receipt and this travel tip can definitely save you from getting into any trouble.

  1. Credit & Debit Cards

Although your bank will claim that their credit or debit cards work smoothly abroad, do not take them at their word. It`s common knowledge that most banks levy an exchange fees of up to 3% on every transaction in a foreign country. Debit cards, on the other hands, don`t fare much better in terms of exchange rates. Therefore it is better to load your forex cards in advance and leave your Debit Card back home when travelling abroad. Do not forget to follow these tried and tested travel tips.

travel tips

  1. Prepaid Cards

If you are looking for a safer bet then Prepaid Cards are the best deal when travelling abroad. Reputed travel portals offer them with a discounted application fees and you can load them with as much as money as you please. After loading your card, you can use it like any other credit or debit card. If you lose it somewhere or in case it gets stolen, you can simply report it and get it blocked, like a regular card. This travel tip can make your entire foreign trip as smooth as a cakewalk.

travel tips

  1. Travelers Cheques

While travelers` cheques are a preferred way of storing cash for some time, it apparently has its own loopholes. Although they are easy to store and carry, they do not always work as some places do not accept traveler’s cheques and want local currencies. Also the exchange rates on them are not most competitive in the market, these days.

travel tips

So do not keep exchanging currency for the last moment. Be a smart traveler and make your forex arrangements well beforehand. Also before booking your flight tickets, do not forget to compare it at Smart Flyer. Our website will give you the cheapest flight options by comparing thousands of travel sites and airlines. Visit now!




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