best vacation spots

Bored of following the same old routine every day? Are you looking for something to break the monotony? Want to get rid of your workstation for few days but do not want to go to ‘oh-so-predictable’ places? Well, worry not! Although you can go to so many popular tourist destinations this Christmas or New Year, but the world is full of not-so-obvious places.

The hidden gems that can be considered as best vacation spots and requires a connoisseur`s eye and taste to be found. We don`t consider ourselves to be so, but yes with our expertise and years of experience, lets us tell you that these places are completely offbeat and unparalled.

  1. Makepeace Island, Australia

Standing true to its name, this place in Australia will bring to your continuously hassled mind a sense of relief. The place is so beautiful that we don`t even have to convince you to visit here. One photograph will be enough to make you fall in love with this mesmerizing beauty. Developed in 2009 as a private gateway for owners Richard Branson and Brett Godfrey, the island is now open to all. Making an addition to Australia`s best vacation spots, you can visit this Island.  

best vacation spots

  1. Juzcar Village, Spain

Whisk away the yearly blues by paying a visit to Juzcar Village in Spain. Every building, every structure in this amazing town is painted blue. Why? Well, in 2011, every building and house in this area was painted blue to celebrate the premiere of the animated movie ‘The Smurfs’. Later, the village became so popular and one of the best vacation spots in the Andalusia region that number of visitors shot up. If you are looking to spend some quiet and peaceful time, then this destination will never disappoint you.

best vacation spots

  1. Bay of Fundy, Canada

God has amazing ways to throw surprise at us and the unbelievable rock formations erected amidst the glistening water bodies is an exemplary to that. This Canadian Bay is the most flamboyant on the earth and is also home to the highest tides in the world. Approximately, hundred billion tons of water move in and out of Canada`s Bay of Fundy twice a day. Not just that! Bay of Fundy is considered to be one of the best vacation spots for a reason. Go for fossil hunting when the tide is low and enjoy a stint on the kayak in the blue waters.

best vacation spots

  1. Avebury, England

Stonehenge needs no introduction but have you heard about Avebury in England? A single visit will force you to reconsider your notion of Stonehenge. Located just 20 miles north of Stonehenge, Avebury is considered to be the eeriest and the best Neolithic monument in Europe. The site has multiple stones set in concentric circles around a medieval village. While here, make sure you visit the onsite museum that houses some of the most astonishing findings from the excavation that happened in 1930.

best vacation spots

So, take a break from your mundane routine and go to one of the best vacation spots that promise nothing but a memorable time. If you are looking for flights, compare it at Smart Flyer, where you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares after comparing more than thousands travel websites. Visit now!




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