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Travel and technology are interconnected. With the technological development that is taking place day after day to make our life better has also made our travel experiences simpler, convenient and of course cheaper. But this effectiveness is not only limited to travelers, it has also benefitted vendors, hoteliers and small cafes and guesthouses in increasing their business.

From taking travel inspirations from your friends Instagram feed to searching for the best hotels and cafes in a foreign country, social media has become our go-to guide for anything that gives you mental glitches, while putting your holidays together. So if you think it as limited to that only, let Smart Flyer throw some light, how technology has made travel smarter:

Improved Brainstorming Capabilities

Earlier “word-of-mouth”, was the only way of getting more clients, but today, although the scenario is still more or less the same, but with a little twist. Today, social media performs the task of spreading ‘word-of-mouth’ without having one person to go places to do that. Social media platforms like Trust Pilot and Site jabber gives an amazing opportunity for a detailed research for travelers. You can simply put a name of the particular website or hotel that you are interested in and it will lay out a list of reviews and posts made by real people about their own experience.

And the best part? These reviews are not paid ones or no marketing strategy associated! Everything is genuine and honest reviews that will give you a better clarity on picking up a place.

Faster & More Comfortable Sharing

If you thought social media was all about liking and posting stuff, then my friend you are under a misconception. Let us help you here! So according to a marketing survey, over 90% of millennials or travel bloggers, use social media during the time they are travelling. Out of these, 50% use the technology to help meet new people in their accommodation as well as other people who are also travelling in the same city. Also 84% those who are not travelling, said that seeing or following their friends post on social media, definitely influences their own travel plans.

Increased the Demand for Real Experiences

With innovative technological advancements also came in new ideas and philosophies. Nowadays, people not only want to ‘just’ travel. But now they are looking for some offbeat travel experiences that can give meaning to their boring lives. They want to go to places that they can write about or something that they can remember. Thus, this new approach of travelers has forced the marketers and travel agencies to up their game to attract customers. For instance, if you run a tour, try partnering up with restaurants in your area so you can offer a full package.

Cheaper Holiday Packages

As the technology has taken a rapid transformation, it has made it possible for even small hotels and places to come under the limelight that has made the market even more competitive. More and more travel agencies are now making alliances and partnerships with these small hotels or cafes that offer brilliant services to lure the customers under budget. With increased competition, customers are getting cheaper and more affordable domestic and international holiday packages.

So why not make the most of these technological advancements for your travel? Just like others, Smart Flyer can also be your best when it comes to churning out the best flight deals for your travelling purpose. By comparing thousands of travel websites, you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares in just one click. Visit now!





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