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Nature has more than thousands of ways to surprise us with its unmatched creations that can be both – super gorgeous and weird. So whether you are an intrepid traveler, a nature lover or a curious soul who is looking to find some weird places around the world, this bizarre natural wonders are sure to give you major travel goals:

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Located amidst the Andes in southwest Bolivia is the World`s largest salt flat that has been a matter of fascination for the curious travelers since long time. Once a prehistoric lake that dried up, this gorgeous landscape which is spread across 11,000 square kilometers of salt crust now serves as the world`s largest natural mirror. With bright and blue clear skies, sunshine, extraordinary flatness and perfect reflections, the site is one of the top travel destinations for the photographers.

top travel destinations

Crooked Forest, Poland

Get ready to meet a place that you thought only exists in fairytales. The Crooked Forest in Grayfino boasts of a collection of pine trees that is oddly bent at the base, totally against the nature`s phenomenon. While the reason behind this is not-so-clear, these winding pines continue to amaze travelers and explorers and are a must see on your trip to Poland.

top travel destinations

Dead Sea, Jordan

A dream of non-swimmers, Dead Sea which is located in Jordan helps you stay afloat even if you don`t know how to swim. The most incredible fact about Dead Sea is that it is not a sea but a lake and is known to be 10 times saltier than the ocean. This incredible water body derives its name from the fact that its salty water is unfit for marine life and hence amazingly buoyant to keep you afloat. What`s more? Its black mud is enriched with minerals and is also known for its therapeutic properties. The must is also used in various ailments and allergies. A top travel destination in Jordan, it is a place that is worth a visit.

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Cat Island, Japan

Home to around 100 humans and more than thousands of cats, Tashirojima is one of the top travel destinations in Japan. An island which is located off Japan`s east coast in the Pacific Ocean is famous for its feline residents that are considered as a good luck by the locals. The locals also have a shrine dedicated to them. If you are a cat lover, this island is a must-visit.

top travel destinations

Blood falls, Antarctica

Ever saw a glacier bleeding? Well, you certainly can in Antarctica. A stream of crimson colored water flows from the Taylor Glacier in the Taylor Valley of McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica, giving the appearance of blood flowing on the glacier. The falls that is known as the Blood Falls is one of the top travel destinations. The reason behind the color of falls is attributed to the high salinity of water, which turns blood red as it flows out and reacts with oxygen in the air.

top travel destinations

These 5 places are beautiful as well as little weird but that is what makes them top travel destinations! A visit to these places must be on every globetrotter`s travel bucket list. Before booking flights to any of these places, compare it at Smart Flyer, where you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares after comparing more than thousands travel websites. Visit now!



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