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A small capital with huge reputation, Dublin is the gateway to the rest of the Ireland. The Irish capital city is a mix of heritage and hedonism will definitely not disappoint. All you have to do is to show up to experience the splendors of this beautiful city.

The city has been in the news since the 9th century for its past. While its Viking past has been washed away entirely, the city has transformed into a living museum with medieval castles and cathedrals on display standing shoulder-to-shoulder alongside the architectural wonders of 18th century. Unlike the other Irish cities, Dublin is still unspoiled and hence one of the top travel destinations too. Here are the top reasons why the people who have visited Dublin are besotted:

The Irish Capital City Is a Stunner

Breathtakingly beautiful, Dublin`s scenic beauty is unparalleled. Surrounded by the beautiful cliffs, gorgeous beaches and spectacular harbours, the city is a delightful treat for the sore eyes and one of the top travel destinations. One could easily spend the entire day, admiring the magnificent vistas and the stunning coastline of Dublin. To explore the city in true sense, a day trip to neighboring counties like Kildare, Wicklow and Meath is a must.

top travel destinations

A Pint of Guinness, Please

This may sound clichéd, but no trip to Dublin is complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. Even if you are a teetotaler, the Guinness Storehouse is a tourist attraction which is located at St James`s Gate in the heart of Dublin. Here you can get an interesting insight into the making and growing of the Ireland`s most popular produce. You can get a pint of Guinness for free during the tour which you can relish while admiring spectacular views of Dublin.

top travel destinations

Fairytale Castles & Cathedrals

Like most European cities, Dublin too is adorned with magnificent castles and cathedrals with Dublin Castle being the most significant one. The Dublin Castle is a vital part of Ireland`s history and is without a doubt a major tourist attraction. The majestic structure has interesting museum, chic cafes, international conference centers and government buildings. Dublin is one of the top travel destinations in this world because of its castles and various cathedrals.

top travel destinations

Visit the impeccably built gothic-style Christ Church Cathedral which is the oldest church in Dublin and a finest exemplary of Victorian and medieval architecture. Apart from Christ Church Cathedral, you can also visit St. Patrick`s Cathedral – the largest cathedral in Ireland. The church was built in the honor of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick and is an absolute must-visit.

If you are tired of same touristic places that are overcrowded and losing their charm, make Dublin your next travel destination. Ireland is one of the top travel destinations and there are plenty of reasons for it. So book your tickets, pack your bags and embark on a new journey.

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