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Travelling is no more a prerogative of the male travelers. More and more female travelers are stepping out of their comfort zone to explore the world at their own conditions and Italy has been one of their favorites. Italy and Rome can sound all rosy and flowery but when it comes to travel all alone and being a woman, the situation may appear little sticky.

But don`t worry if you have already decided to discover Italy on your own, there are few things that you need to keep into consideration and you are sorted. Unlike other parts of the world, Italy is a safe haven for women solo travelers. So if you are ready, here is what you will need to know how to manage solo female travel in Italy:

Don`t let premonitions freak you out

Yes, we agree that going to a new place all alone can be little tricky and can make anyone nervous! But things like these only can turn you into a more confident being. When going to Italy, you will hear or read the harassment stories by the Italian men, but don`t let this change your mind. Italian men tend to be more vocal with their compliments, but most of the time, that`s all it is. If that makes you uncomfortable, ignore it and if you feel you are being followed, create a fuss and attract the crowd.

Don`t overthink or over-research

Discovering a new place or a country involves lot of work and this entire process can sap your energy. So if you fall into this category, you can become overwhelmed while making a to-do or to-see list. Do not over-think or over analyze and try to be more realistic while preparing an itinerary. The country is a melting pot that has so many things to offer to its visitors. So take a deep-breath and incorporate only those things into your list that really appeals to you.

travel guide

Research about tariffs of local cabs

Taxi scams are the most common scams you will come across the globe, no matter where you are. Therefore it is advisable to be more aware of the cab prices. Before hiring a cab from airport to your hotel, ask the hotel staff, how much you can expect to way. You can ask at the ticket office at the train station if you are taking cab from there. Avoid taking lift from the strangers or someone who approaches you offering a ride.

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Embrace eating alone

Eating alone is something that most of the people consider to be uncool, awkward or weird. But it is just a matter of perspective. Eating on your own is the most delightful way of reconnecting with yourself. You can complete a book or plan out your next day. You can also observe people going about their daily lives, which is a fun way of exploring a new place.

travel guide

Pack light

By pack light & right, we mean, you should pack lighter and carry right kind of clothes. Italy, although being one of the best tourist destinations is no kinder to tourists. The gorgeous cobblestoned streets and Renaissance walk ups can be a torture for anyone who is travelling alone. So pack light!

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Unlike London, Italy has a different culture and therefore it is suggested to dress-up modestly in order to avoid unwanted attention. Be cautious like you would be generally in your own country and you are good to go! You can easily book the tickets online and if you are looking for cheaper flights, compare it at Smart Flyer, where you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares after comparing more than thousands travel websites. Visit now!

So buck up ladies! Make this world your playground by stepping out of your homes!

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