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Do you like to watch horror movies or love exploring the spooky places? Which place can be better than India to experience spine-chilling places? India has been a land of legendary and mysterious tales oozes out lot of paranormal activities. Thus if you are after some thrill and adventure combined with nerve-cracking experience, here is a list of places in India, you must visit:

  1. Bhangarh, Rajasthan

With a history seeded in Black Magic and reported sightings of paranormal activity, Bhangarh is the most haunted place in India and has a reputation of the spookiest place in India. Legend has it; a black magician was crushed to death in the precinct of this fort because of his ill-thoughts about the princess. The magician cursed Bhangarh before his death and the place is said to become haunted after that. The ASI has also put a warning board, asking visitors to leave before sunset, thus forbidden entry to this place after 6 PM. India is a perfect holiday destination if you are after some thrilling experience. You can book your flight to Jaipur (nearest airport).

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  1. Dhanushkodi

Uninhabited for decades, Dhanushkodi is a ghost town that was razed to the ground by a cyclone in 1964. Its name that translates into ‘end of bow’, has some interesting tales associated with Indian god, Lord Ram. It is believed that Lord Ram used his bow to break the stone bridge that he had constructed to reach Lanka, after his return. If you find beauty in ruins, a trip to Dhanushkodi will be worth every penny.  Another mystery associated with this place is that the Historic Temple- is the sole survivor of the cyclone and still standing tall, resurrecting the faith and hope of people. You can get cheap flights to India to reach Dhanushkodi.

cheap flights to India

  1. Ross Island, Andaman

Once habited, later abandoned by the British, Ross Island is a coherently beautiful space that offers peace, tranquility and eerie feeling. After getting strike by earthquake in 1940, the place has been devoid of inhabitants ever since. The island is home to peacocks, deer and other wildlife, making the island beautiful beyond compare. The ruins here exude discomforting energy that has been engulfed by tree roots. Another element that will scare the minds out of you is old and rusted metal machinery that will tell you the spooky tales of the past. How to reach here? You can find cheap flights to Andaman, India, and from Port Blair you can take a short boat ride to Ross Island.

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Word of Caution–  A trip to spooky places in India will definitely going to haunt you for the rest of your lives! So book your tickets, pack your bags and get ready to experience some of the eeriest moment in your life.

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