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When the reason behind travelling is leisure the rules are different. But for those who have to travel thrice a month will have to abide by the different rules. Many of us have to travel due to business, conferences and meetings and other work related reasons. Some would travel in a weeks while some would travel twice a week.

While it is fascinating to go to new places every now and then, it is good to have some useful travel tips too! Here is a list of useful travel tips for frequent business travelers to make your work trip a pleasure one:

Pack Light, Travel Light

We know that it becomes confusing what to carry and what not to carry, and most importantly, how much to carry, when travelling to a different place. But try to travel light and always carry basic clothing, medication, important documents, toiletries and other essentials in little travel pouches to keep them organized. Also, always ensure to check the weather of the place you are travelling to, so that you are prepared. A useful travel tip for business as well as leisure travelers, if followed properly!

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Schedule Your Trips

Business Trips are all about back-to-back meetings, packed schedules and over-worked souls. Sometimes people also have to travel to three different places in a single week. To ensure that you don`t end up showing all drowsy and tired, arrive early a day or an evening prior to your meeting, so that you get a good night sleep and a complete rest. This one travel tip alone can save you lot of energy, time and money.

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Use Travel Tools & Apps

Frequent Business Traveler may often have to go to new and unknown places, in a short time. So while it would take only half an hour or so to travel from one place to another, but if not scheduled properly, your entire journey might become hectic and you would end up pulling your hair in frustration. Thus, schedule your trips according to the meetings or the vice versa, as meetings are an important event and you wouldn`t just want to show up unprepared.

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Use Flights Comparison Sites

Meetings can be random, literally! So why not save some bucks that you can spend on a nice hotel to make your business travel, a memorable one? Before booking flights, make sure you compare it at SmartFlyer or Skyscanner, to get the cheapest, lowest and the best airfare available across the web. These travel aggregators, compare more than 1000 websites across the internet, to give you the cheapest deal.

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Who said you can`t have some fun on a business trip? You can try some local cuisine of the place, you are visiting. Also ask the hotel for the best places to see, so you can have your pick. So travel smart and to travel cheap, do not forget to compare flights at





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