World is one big strange place! Don`t believe us? Check out the bans in various popular destinations that are extremely bizarre. Remembering these will definitely save you from landing up in trouble:

  1. Chewing Gum in Singapore

If you feel tempted to blow a bubble with your chewing gum in Singapore, make sure that you do it indoors as Singapore has banned chewing gum in public. Compare flights before booking your tickets to Singapore.

  • Jogging in Burundi

Well, this may come as a surprise for the health freaks and we are afraid that it is not a nice one! Trying to stay fit in Burundi may land you up in jail. Jogging was banned over the fear that people may use this exercise as a cover to plan subversive activities.

  • Smoking in Bhutan

The only ban that makes sense, “the happiest place on earth”, Bhutan, believes in clean healthy living. Bhutan is the first non-smoking country in the world with a blanket ban on selling and consuming tobacco. Want to visit Bhutan? Well kick the habit of smoking and Compare flights before booking to get the cheapest fare.

  • High Heels at Historical Sites in Greece

The government of Greece has banned high heels at historical sites due to the fear of damage that the pointed heels can cause to its ancient and historical sites. So ditch your stilettoes for sneakers when visiting historical sites in Greece.

  • Lifting Your Feet off Bicycle Pedals in Mexico

Love bicycling? Well you can do that to your heart`s content in Mexico. However, make sure that you don`t lift your feet off the pedals because that is breaking the law. Compare flights and book tickets to Mexico at cheapest fare.

  • Flushing in an apartment after 10 pm in Switzerland

The list of weird laws s never ending and this one ban from Switzerland will definitely ‘bowel- you-out’ because according to the Swiss law, flushing in the bathroom after 10 P.M is considered as a noise pollution and could get you in trouble. So get your business in the bathroom done before 10 pm. Love Switzerland? Get the cheapest fare by comparing flights at Switzerland.

  • Blue Denims in North Korea

North Korea and the US are arch-rivals and this fact is a no secret.  But what may make your jaws drop is that blue jeans, the original color of denim, is banned in North Korea because it is way too American. Do not pack denims, if you ever plan to go to North Korea in the near future.

  • Gambling in Monaco

Monaco is the favorite destination for the rich and the famous when it comes to gamble. People from all over the world come here to try their luck because the local residents are forbidden from gambling here, the foreigners keep all the casinos.

  • Scrabble In Romania

While it may occur to you that Scrabble is an absolutely harmless board game, the much loved board game is banned in Romania for being “overly intellectual”.

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