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Travelling solo is an adventure in its own sense. Even if you are travelling to a destination, you have travelled before; going to a place all by yourself instills a sense of responsibility into a person. If you have made up your mind to travel solo, there must be little hesitation and apprehensions regarding the booking flights, getting accommodations, packing and sightseeing.

So much to keep in mind! Right? If you are travelling solo to a new place, here is a list of few travel tips that are bound to come handy during your trip:

  1. Travel during the day

As a solo traveler, it is best to commute during the day. Since most of the incidents of theft and mugging happen during the late hours, choose daylight to travel. Stay alert and be cautious and follow our travel tips to travel safely.

  • Pre-book Hotels

Book your hotel or accommodation in advance. It is so much convenient to have a reserved accommodation in a new place. You can reach directly from airport/railway station instead of wandering around a new city looking for accommodation. A travel tip to follow, every time!

  • Take screenshots

Yes! Apart from using your phone for selfies, take screenshots of the e-mail or messages of your bookings, once the hotel or flight bookings are finalized. Taking screenshots will make all the details easily accessible for you in case you lose network connectivity. A smart travel tip like this can definitely reduce the load of carrying print-outs of receipts.

  • Email yourself important documents

Keeping a copy of all the important documents can come handy in the moment of dire need. Therefore e-mail yourself a copy of all your important documents, including copies of your passport and visa. This travel tip can help you, in case your passport gets stolen.

  • Research & Plan Early

Getting familiar with the place you are planning to travel in the near future is an amazing thing. Thus, apart from reading about the popular tourist attractions, places, food and travel tip research about the popular travel scams. Save maps on your phone, instead of writing it on paper. Use apps like Google maps for directions, instead of looking like lost tourist. Keep all the important contacts and emergency number handy.

  • Stay in contact

First things first! Get a local sim card after you reach your destination to remain in contact with your family and friends about your travel plans.

  • Pack smart & light

It is no big deal to get carried away while packing for a vacation. Think carefully while packing and keep things that are essential, because you will be carrying your luggage on your own. Make a list and sort your priorities out before packing them in your luggage.

  • Carry portable charger

Keeping your phone sufficiently charged while making a journey can save you from lots of troubles. Also, carry a portable charger along with you, so that you can charge your phone on the go, without having to look for charging points.

  • Exchange currency before you travel

Before setting your foot out of your home, exchange currency as it will help you save lots of money that you might have to pay to your bank for making transactions abroad. Plus, cash always comes handy in case of an emergency. Follow this travel tip and you will never have to shed extra bucks.

  • Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts! If you feel uncomfortable around a certain person or a place, leave immediately, no matter what! If you are meeting new people, meet them in a local café or restaurant instead of an isolated place or your hotel room.

Your safety is of prime importance as they say, prevention is better than cure, staying safe while travelling solo is essential. Having said that, follow these travel tips, remain confident and do not forget to enjoy your trip. For more information, visit      

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