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With the onset of 2019, it is time to raise a toast for the New Year, new beginnings, new resolutions, target and of course for some travel plans. As we tend to learn from our past mistakes and call them experiences, it becomes essential that we imply this golden rule for travelling also. So if you are determined to be a better traveler than yesterday, here is a list of travel mistakes that we must avoid and travel tips to ensure smooth sailing:

Mistake#1: Delaying or Not Applying For Passport

Your passport is robust id and is an essential thing without which you can`t step out of your country. Life can throw surprises at you and it is your duty to stay prepared to handle them under any circumstances. More often than not, the trips that are made randomly, sudden and unprepared are the trips that do not get cancelled and see the light to survive. So whether you have or may not have an international trip in near future, sometimes International travel plan is cheaper than going domestic.

So if your travel bucket list includes some famous destinations abroad, get yourself a passport!

Mistake#2: Try to cover everything in one trip

While the paradigm is gradually shifting, most of the people still travel with this agenda of covering every tourist attraction on a single visit. Paris doesn`t always means Eiffel Tower and Goa isn`t all about the Baga Beach or Australia about the Opera House. Although covering all the main attractions is on everyone itinerary, it is better to discover everything at a slow pace. The hectic schedule will leave you exhausted and sleep deprived. Follow this travel tip to ensure that even if you visit minimum places, you come back with maximum experience and amazing experience.

Mistake#3: Book Last Minute

People who are planning for their honeymoons, bachelorette, summer breaks or annual foreign trip, should not wait for the last minute to book holiday packages or flights to best holiday destinations. Start planning 4-5 months ahead before your flying dates. Book your flights and apply for visa at least three months in advance, if you are sure about your travel plans. Also you can use travel comparison sites like Smart Flyer to compare airfares. In the remaining time you can buy the currency, read about the place, gather information about the local culture and food and decide what all are you going to experience. Don`t be a tourist, visit like a traveler!

Mistake#4: Shooting Everything Your See   

And by shooting we mean clicking everything that comes to your sight. The best place to capture a moment is not your phone or DLSR but your heart and mind. Click should you want to, but ensure that you don`t overdo it. Instead talk to locals to find hidden places and more amazing things to explore, unless you are on a photography tour. No one, not even you, are going to watch those thousands of pics that you clicked randomly. Also try to avoid clicking the same old postcard images that the internet is already flooded with. A travel tip like this is worth more than an ounce of gold. Follow it for a wonderful trip!

Dear traveler, these are few mistakes that we all tend to make while making plans for holidays. But as they say, ‘experience is the name that we give to our mistake”, we are sure you will follow our travel tips next time.

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