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Are you a curious traveler or you simply travel for leisure? If you are the former one, give us a moment to amaze you! How? Ever heard about a hotel that is sprawled about 3 miles across the most-perfect sea facing location and is completely deserted? Yes! You heard us! It`s in Berlin!

Known as Prora Hotel, this mammoth structure is an imposing beach resort with around 10,000 rooms and has been uninhabited since forever. Surprising? Well, let us throw in some more light:

Welcome To Hotel Prora

The Hotel Prora which is located in Germany is a unique hotels that is been lying vacant for 70 years now. Built between 1936 and 1939, the hotel is situated in island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea. This ambitious project was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler who wanted to build the mightiest and large sea resort that has ever existed. The resort can host 20,000 visitors on a given day. But unfortunately, the World War II happened that year and the rest is history.

Hitler`s Dream Project Got Abandoned

The dream project of Hitler was started with many promises and a bright future that featured recreational and fun activities for Germans and the purpose of spreading the Nazi movement. More than 9000 workers were put to work to erect out the structure which is standing in Berlin.  However, in 1939, the war took over and since then the structure of the hotel remains as it is.

The construction of cinema, housing blocks and even the theater was left incomplete, while the plan of making swimming pools and a cultural hall never saw the light of the day. The only guests that this hotel received were the refugees from Hamburg and Germany who stayed in one of the housing blocks during the allied bombing campaign in the same year. No one else has ever stepped inside the hotel since then. Sounds eerie? We bet!

Prora – the Colossus

This abandoned hotel is known as –Prora the Colossus- considering its might size that makes it no less than a colossal monument. Until now this amazing property has been lying uninhabited with some smashed window panes and glasses. But recently some investors have been showing interest in this property and also approximately five blocks have been bought. Soon part of this building would be developed into a holiday resort, replete with apartments, cafes, clubs, halls and swimming pools.

Standing the test of time like how, it will be interesting to see this giant dream of Hitler going a massive makeover.

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