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Travelling means getting flights as well as a nice and comfortable stay. Hotel bookings in this 21st century have become ubiquitous considering the lifestyle we are leading that requires lot of travelling. Whether for business or leisure, chances are that you will find yourself in a situation where you will have to do unplanned bookings which means expensive tariff, less choices and limited amenities.

As they say, nothing is perfect; the hospitality industry too has left some loopholes. So if you are a smart traveler you can reap some benefits with our smart travel tips. Check them out here:

Using Credit Cards

Most of the people do not believe in using their plastic cards especially the credit cards because of the potential threat to their financial security. But, you will be surprised to know that these cards can surely get you some monthly or yearly bonuses. When it comes to airline tickets, hotel rooms and restaurant offers, your credit cards can fetch some of the best deals. So take some time out to discuss your usage and credit card options because the right one can get you maximum benefits and minimum buyer`s remorse.

Double Check your Itinerary

This is one major booking mistake that most of us must have done at least once in our lives. When it comes to international travel, this is the most common booking mistake due to carelessness or sometimes due to rush. A lot of times, when we are in hurry, most of the people tend to overlook the dates or time zones of the place due to which they end up booking a hotel stay for a day which is usually not required.  So while booking hotels, keep the time zone in mind, especially when you are flying international. This travel tip can save you unnecessary expenditure.

Keep it Flexible

A lot of hotels and travel sites are very rewarding when it comes to customers who have flexible dates of journey. Although being flexible with dates is generally rare for business trips, a leisure trip can surely earn you some extra services at lower rates. Sometimes a room that will cost you $400 on a particular day could drop to $300, the other day. So add it up and do the math before booking a room. Follow this travel tip to save some cash.

Less is more

Who wouldn`t love to stay at a five star hotel with all the luxurious amenities? But ask those who travel frequently and they will tell you the golden rule of not running after the popular names. The lesser-known hotels in various places are more than happy to offer more or less the same quality of services at much lower rates. So shed the starry-eyed nostalgia and settle for a more inconspicuous name if you want a comfortable stay with same facilities.

Follow these travel tips to save your pocket from getting burnt with burden of excessive expenditure. Hotel bookings are like oysters and you need to be prepared to swim just a bit longer, and a bit smarter to get your pearl before anyone else.

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