The most common advice, you will ever come across, while planning for a trip is to craft out a perfectly made itinerary. After all the smartly curated itinerary will definitely help you save money, keep you safe, scrape off the anxiety of last minute travel and help you have the best time possible whether you are going on a three-week cruise or a long weekend to chill at the beach.

A solid itinerary is certainly the foundation of a stress-free trip. But if you want to master the art of making a perfect itinerary, here is a list of 5 mistakes that you probably should avoid:

  1. Lay out A Clean & Simple Itinerary

Planning is the key to have a memorable vacation. Therefore, start listing out the places like hotels in every city, if you are going on a multi-city tour. Your airline of hotel will also email you a simple outline of your travel dates when you book. So keep a note of every hotel and places you would like to visit in an organized way on a paper or store it in your device. An elementary travel tip, but essentially crucial!

  • Be Clear About Your Budget

Deciding a trip budget is the foremost thing when you are planning for vacations and then the second foremost thing is to stick to it. Surreptitious costs, such as fluctuating exchange rates, hidden fees, tips, taxes, and more, can take a big, jagged bite out of your financials. And if you don`t put it on paper by putting a certain limitation on expenses, you could end up completely blowing up your savings on your vacation – or worse, unable to afford your trip.

  • Don`t Be Overambitious

While deciding on “things to do and places to visit”, we tend to overestimate our ability to travel across one place to another. Although it is a fact that you are going to be in your destination for a limited stretch of time, but that does not mean you should ignore other essential things like sleep, leisurely meals or your sanity. Therefore remember according to our third travel tips, be realistic and set goals that you can easily achieve and places you can conveniently visit without losing too much money as well as your peace of mind.

  • Prioritize

Next travel tip is that if you miss prioritizing, you will end up with a regret that will haunt you till the last day of your life. With so many activities to do that are available on the internet, we fail to recognize the activities that will be more enjoyable for us rather than “been there, done that blogger”. So always prioritize your activities because later you will regret to not have enough time to do what you really wanted to do while holidaying.

  • Do Not Book Anything without Research

Whether you are looking for a husband, hotel or cheapest flights, do not book it at first glimpse. A good rule of thumb while booking is to research well. The more research you will do, the better understanding of tariffs, airfares and local transportation you will get. Eventually the research will take you to a decent deal.

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