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Looking for perfect destination to mark the beginning of your 2019? Well, if travelling more is one of your New Year`s resolutions for this year, you will want to check off all of the 12 best places to travel in 2019 because there is one for every month of the year:

Puerto Rico in January

This January, escape the winters and head towards Puerto Rico. A trip here supports the island to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. If that is not enough, there are some of the most popular musical events are happening at Luis A.

Eastern Canada in February

Yes, Canada is one of the best places to travel and also can get extremely cold in February, but Canadians embrace the fact of life with wonderful winter events lined up in February. You can head to Nova Scotia to be a part of the annual Lobster Crawl that begins in the first of the month, or to Newfoundland for the Mid-Winter Bivver.

Trinidad & Tobago in March

Craving for a carnival destination? Trinidad and Tobago is one of the best places to travel for warm-weather carnival destination. The first full week of the month sees island`s biggest party in the capital, Port of Spain. A perfect place, if you are looking to celebrate culture and indulgence.

Mexico in April

New Mexico is the new emerging destination of U.S and best places to travel before the hot summer months. New Mexico is less crowded and underrated as compared to its counterpart, Arizona. Despite its desert location, New Mexico is full of surprises as it also gets snow. Santa Fe and Albuquerque are only an hour apart but offer a variety of experiences.

Maine in May

Maine is a popular New England summer destination due to its culinary cities and a world famous national park. Due to its popularity, Maine is getting more and more crowded. So if you want to avoid the crowd, head to vacationland in the month of May. While the weather will be milder, you can get lucky with warmer temperature towards the end of the month.

Normandy in June

June 6th marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy. Every year, Normandy hosts events all summer long to honor fallen soldiers and to commemorate the world-changing event. Around 250 men and women will fly across the English Channel and parachute into Normandy. Normandy in France is one of the best places to travel in June.

Chile & Argentine in July

South America will have the chance to see its own solar eclipse this year, due to which it has made its way up to the travel bucket list of many visitors. The three best spots from where the solar eclipse can be best seen are: Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Elqui Valley (Chile) and Mendoza (Argentina).

Anaheim in August

As the summer 2019 brings the much anticipated opening of the ‘Star Wars: Galaxy`s Edge at Disneyland’, Southern California will see record-breaking attendance and people in great numbers. But in August, you will find fewer crowds due to the hotter temperature in California. California is one of the best places to travel nevertheless, book August for this South American destination.

Portugal in September

With the rising popularity, Portugal may no longer be Europe`s hidden gem, but the colorful places that it has and historic towns that it boasts about, surely make a visit to this amazing country rewarding. September is quite pleasant, no matter where you go in September. Begin in the country`s heart, Lisbon, one of the best places to travel and then travel to the wine region around Porto or the beaches of the Algarve.

Romania in October

Spend Halloween with werewolves, haunted castles and Count Dracula in Transylvania.  Explore some of the best traditional Romanian stops like a traditional Saxon village, Bucharest and Biertan.

Berlin in November

Tourism in Germany is on the rise that has made the country one of the best places to travel and Berlin is a surprisingly affordable metropolitan destination to discover. From famous art, food and drink to nightlife offerings, the city marks November 9th as the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that divided West and East Germany for 28 years.

Great Britain in December

Great Britain can be an amazing place to visit in December. You can book early to save on the tickets and to celebrate holidays in England, Scotland or Wales. Although it is difficult to compare other cities to London`s unique cultural blend of modern-day glamor and old-fashioned Victorian during the Christmas season, other cities are worth exploring as well! To book tickets, you can visit

The list is tailor made for all the globetrotters, who are looking for exceptionally exciting way to make their 2019 unique. So pack your bags and book your tickets and pick your favorite month to travel around the world.

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