Want to travel in a luxurious business class but don`t want to burn a hole in your pocket? Well no! We are not asking you take part in any lucky draw (although it might have been easier) but we are going to reveal the biggest secret of the century. While many of us who love to travel in business class pray that they will get a random upgrade by a sheer stroke of luck that is unlikely to happen.

However we are going to tell you the trick that is lot simpler than praying and also guarantees a huge success. You won`t have to part with your hard earned money, neither you will have to kick up a fuss nor you will have to stand on one leg, early morning    . But all you need is to do is check your allotted airline seat, if it is broken anyway.

If the allotted seat doesn’t recline properly, wobbles weirdly or have the armrest stuck, you are entitled to request for a new seat. And if it`s your lucky day, you can get an upgraded seat in a business seat, on a busy flight.

This fact came under the limelight, when the famous author of ‘Kiss My Baggage Fees! How To Be A Savvy Travel Hacker’ Rick Brown, spilled the beans on this previously unknown airline rule. According to him, if your seat is broken or have some kind of problem, you can request for a new seat. If the economy class if filled, they will have put you in first class.

The reason behind this policy is however not very clear, but it could be either due to health and safety or the threat that the passengers might create havoc inside the flight. Either way it could be a nice way to crack a deal to fly business class. If some of you have a doubt about the validity of this trick, you will be delighted to know that it has been confirmed by The Points Guy, an airline reward systems expert.

So after breaking the good news to all of you, we definitely do not endorse deliberately breaking your seat because that will be completely lethal as well as illegal. At the same time it will be rude and disrespectful to both the fellow passengers and cabin crew who will have to experience discomfort. Also it may cause the delay of your flight. If your seat is genuinely broken, then you can thank your stars and live the high life for a few short hours.

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