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Europe is one of the top holiday destinations that attract millions of travelers every year.  But visiting this continent can prove to be quite steep on the pocket, which is why most of the travelers try to avoid going here. With a few smart moves, you can save bucket loads of money on your Europe, if you are determined to explore the continent and the beautiful places.

Here are some travel hacks that most seasoned travelers resort to in order to max out their travelling budget:

For Cheap Flights         

Although the best way to get cheap flights for Europe is to book early, but if you have missed that opportunity, fret not! For last-minute travel plans, there are price comparison websites that compare flight prices to top holiday destinations via thousands of travel websites and airlines prices.

Another hack is to book flights with one or two stops, if you don`t mind a little inconvenience. You can save a huge amount of money by avoiding direct flights to your destination.

For Good Accommodation

Staying in a central location of a place may pinch your pocket a little bit but the convenience that it may provide is unmatched. You might find lower hotel tariffs in the suburbs but the money and time you will spend on travelling with be a complete waste. Also if it is possible, travel in a group, as most of the hotels are happy to give you group discounts. If you are travelling to one of the top holiday destinations try to get a hotel in central location, because then you can easily walk around to most of the places.

Avoid Falling For Shopping Traps

As tempting as it may sound, but get a hold on your shopping instincts and avoid shopping from touristy places and rather explore their local markets instead. The price difference will be tremendous and you can get some of the best deals by putting your bargain skills on good use.  Souvenirs like magnets, keychains, décor items and other knick-knacks can be bought for much cheaper at supermarkets.

Cut the Costs, Not the Fun

 If you want to do a trip to Europe but are low on budget, then consider planning your vacation around the countries that have currencies other than Euro. You will be surprised to find plenty of things to do under your budget in places like Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. These places come on the list of top holiday destinations and are equally beautiful.

All the fun activities in Europe don`t necessarily come at a price. There are many museums, galleries and other places that offer free entrance. So make a comprehensive list of such places and book your tickets in advance.

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