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Travelling can either be exciting or a daunting experience! When travelling to a new place there are so many things that one needs to take care of. Travelling to Russia for the first time may seem like a crazy adventure and despite a ‘closed door’ policy that was implied for almost a century, Russia is a safe country to visit.

While touristy Russian cities are well equipped for the tourists, there are few details to consider beforehand. So if you are planning to visit Russia, here are few details that you must read about carefully:

Check for Visa

Citizens that belong to countries other than Russia will be required to apply for a visa before arrival. The process is pretty simple and requires an invitation letter from either a licensed tourism operator or from a Russian citizen. The only loophole is arriving by a cruise ship where the visitors are granted 72 hours visa-free entrance into Russia. Although it`s not a lot of freedom to roam around, it will definitely save a bit of effort on the visa front. Before booking cheap flights to Russia, read about visa requirements.

Download Apps or carry dictionary

Learning a local phrase or two might appear difficult at first, but it can be of great help throughout your stay. Although this may vary from destination to destination, Russians are not that good at English. They do understand the language but are generally shy to speak. So install an app like Duolingo or carry a dictionary that you could use in time of need.

Research public transport

Public transport is the best place to commute anywhere in the world, especially where there is a well-connected subway system. The undergrounds are tend to be user-friendly as the maps are often translated into English, but personnel won`t be able to help with tickets or to give any directions. So before buying cheap flights to Russia, make sure you know how the entire system works. Also when travelling by bus and underground, pay close attention to the names of the stations announced, so that you don`t end up missing on the station you have to get down.

Dress appropriately

If you thought Russia remains frozen throughout the year, you are in for a disappointment. Russia does tend to have cold winters, but the summers in Russia can also be incredibly hot and humid. Although, predicting the weather can be quite difficult, a general understanding of the climate can be incredibly useful when planning activities. Also snow in the cities tends to melt soon after it falls, turning into slushy mud, thus pack appropriate footwear and also some warm clothes.

Try local cuisine to have an authentic Russian experience and you will be amazed! So before packing your bags, go through the above mentioned list and do some additional research as well.

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