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Craving for Italian vacation? Home to some of the world`s greatest works of art, astronomy, architecture Italy elates, moves and inspires like no other place in the world. Epicenter of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, this European Prodigy speak volumes under the weight of its cultural dialect, making it one of the top travel destinations of the world.

Therefore, an Italian vacation is something that can be found on everyone`s travel bucket list. A trip to Italy is considered to be incomplete without experiencing a boat ride in Venice and tasting the lip-smacking Italian food. Apart from the usual there are ample of other opportunities to have a unique experience in Italy that will bring you closer to the elevated spirit of this beautiful holiday destination:

  1. Take a walk back in time  

Ever thought about travelling back in time? We sure, you must have! And there is no better place on this earth to do that than Italy. Sunken City of Baia is one of the wonders of a Roman Sodom, making it one of the top travel destinations. Once, a flourishing city of ancient Roman, Baia is a submerged archeological park now.  It boasts of crumbled structures and mesmerizing statues of the city that makes up for a stunning sight. You can go for snorkeling or scuba diving if you know swimming, while non-swimmers can pick glass-bottomed boats to witness the fascinating Baia`s copious ruins.

  • Delve deeper into Sassi di Matera

Witness the legacy left by the first human residents in Italy! Sassi di Matera is a mystical city complex that comprises the prehistoric houses, carved out of white tuff rock. Many houses here are caves on the rooftops of other houses, which makes it a complex resident.  What`s more to discover here? You will be amazed to find a web of underground tunnels that will leave you awe-struck by their engineering. The city is an exemplary of a troglodyte settlement and is also a UNESCO site.

  • Savor the Gourmet Festival in Emilia Romagna

Food is the highlight of every trip abroad and Italy is no exception. If you are a foodie at heart, attend the famous ‘Festival del Proscuitto di Parma’ that takes place in the city of Parma. Here you can feast on Parma Ham – its most famous export. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also plan for the White Truffle Fair at Sant’Agata Feltria (or ‘Truffle City’) near Rimini in the month of October. Attending these festivals is the best way to experience on of the top travel destinations in the world.

  • Visit the Vatican

Your Italian vacation will be considered incomplete, if you choose not to visit the Vatican. Visiting the Vatican Palace, the Sistine Chapel and various pompous galleries is a once in a lifetime experience. Vatican is considered to be the spiritual hub of the Catholic world. Centered on the grand St Peter`s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro, it is one of the most popular areas of Rome. Do not miss out on this amazing site! It is worth every second.

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