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Crafting a trip can be both- a daunting process as well as an exciting task. But deciding which places to visit first and which one to leave can create lot of confusion. But, thanks to technology, there are lots of apps that can do the daunting task for you.

There are many trip planner apps that can help you answer some of the most difficult questions. If you wish to organize your trip the simplest and smartest way, download the following apps to discover the right places to go:


TripAdvisor is the most popular of all the trip planner apps. Unlike other apps that mention only the top attractions, TripAdvisor features hidden gems located in every corner of the globe, along with chic restaurants, vacation rentals, hotels and what not! It lets you create customized itineraries by saving the places you are interested in along with the user reviews, videos, photos and articles about that destination. You can find travel guides as well.

Visit a City

If you are in a dilemma about how much days you should spend at a particular place and how to maximize our vacation time by assimilating nearby attractions together, the ‘Visit a City’ is your go to app. After you select a destination, the app automatically offers sightseeing guides, depending on the number of days you plan to spend. Also, the app automatically puts nearby attractions together and tells you how far they are from each other.

Google Trips

The comprehensive Google Trips app does plenty of things; all you have to do is to fill your destination city and to click on things to do. Offering the wide array of categories, you can select from basic to the niche. Every category differs from one city to the next. You can view your destination and can also save the places you would like to visit. It also offers travel guide, addresses, opening hours and reviews.


While travelling to a new city and its tourist attraction can be exciting, what kills the fun part is to figure out how to reach there. Fortunately, this app can help you solve that problem too. The app searches about every mode of transportation- train, plane, bus, taxi, ferry, Uber and tell you the best way to get from point A to point B. if you have a travel guide, you can easily plan out everything.


Topping the ‘best travel apps’, list TripIt is an amazing app!  It stores all your scattered booking confirmations in one place. It turns an inbox where every single reservation of yours is stored. The app turns an inbox full of different booking confirmations into a single master itinerary that you can access offline, sync with your phone`s calendar and can also share it with loved ones. All you have to do is make your travel guide and simply forward each confirmation e-mail to

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