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The World is a giant place, but there are only few places that can stir up passion the way Israel does. The breathtakingly beautiful hills and valleys, the noisy stillness of the Dead Sea, the multi-colored canyon of Makhtesh Ramon and the ancient walls and pathways of Nazareth and Jerusalem, invite millions of globetrotters to visit Israel.

Summer is a special time to be in Israel, if a tropical vacation is what you are looking for.  From beer festivals to outdoor movie screenings, here are 6 ways to make the most of the Israel`s sizzling summer:

  • Get Tanned – Summer in Israel means sun, sand and sea! If you are in Tel Aviv, you will have plenty of choices to pick from. For the crowd lovers, Gordon Beach is the best option while Banana Beach is perfect for those who are averse to crowds and tourists. If you are looking for lovely beaches and spectacular sunsets, you will have to move a little outside of Tel Aviv. You can book discounted flight tickets to Israel and do not forget to pack your sunscreen in order to protect your skin.
  • Enjoy Movies Outdoors- There are many beachside parks, where you can enjoy watching movie screenings and stunning views of the Mediterranean in the backdrop. If you are travelling with your partner, you can book discounted flight tickets to Israel as watching a movie against Mediterranean backdrop will be unforgettable and utterly romantic.
  • Indulge in Matkot – The Israeli beaches are famous for their beauty and its unofficial national sport of Matkot. This simple yet super exciting and enjoyable game is a must for any visitor to the Israeli beaches.
  • Get Drenched in Israel`s Natural Springs- Heading towards a natural spring is the favorite activity among locals and tourists alike during summer. From the stunning crystal clear waters of Ein Hanatziv in the Beit She`an Valley in northern Israel to Ein Shokek in the Valley of Springs area, Israel gives plenty of options to its visitors to immerse themselves in nature.
  • Explore Israel`s Fascinating Museums- For the history buffs, we recommend checking out one of Israel`s numerous world-class museums. If the heat gets the better of you, you can visit the renowned Israel Museum in Jerusalem to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art that comprises of large and an eclectic range of art.
  • Cruise Down Hayarkon on a Pedal Boat- Hayarkon is to Tel Aviv what Central Park is to New York. The park is sprawled across a large area, featuring outdoor gyms, sports complex, gardens, and serene-man-made lake running amidst the vast expanse of greenery in the city`s north. So rent a pedal boat and take a leisurely cruise along this scenic park.

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