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‘To be human is to make errors’, we all must have heard this statement once or more than that in our lifetime. But while some errors can be rectified, others might cost you a lot while travelling. So, whether you are a frequent traveler or not, we all have our own share of travel bloopers. While there is always room for error, you can`t really afford to spoil your trip because of some silly-goof up, can you?

So here are 4 common mistakes or you can say ‘oops’ moments that you might want to consider and avoid the next time you travel:

Calendar Clash

Imagine after delaying your dream holidays for years, when finally you get done with bookings you realize that your travel dates are clashing with some important family function. The trauma and the feeling of remorse will definitely crop up, leaving you devastated plus little money. Unfortunately you will have to shed extra money to get your dates changed or cancelling your tickets and hotel reservations. To avoid shedding out cash, install apps like SyncCalendar, SmoothSync o your smart phone to avoid such blunders.

Travelling with a couple

Well double date is fine, but when you are single but travelling with a couple, you might want to wear doctor`s hat. Travelling with a couple can be really tricky as the couple fights and mood swings will definitely want to run back to your home. While on such a trip, one ends up transforming in to a counselor, the entire process might want to kill yourself. Try to use your middleman skills to an extent that the issue gets resolved. But if it doesn’t, do not try too hard.

Not Putting Alarm

Sometimes, not getting up on time is hilarious but most of the times it is extremely irritating. Imagine missing out on your flight, just because you forgot to put an alarm. We are sure, the thought itself is scary and can send goosebumps to your wallet. So why not put your phone to some good use by putting alarm. While posting a pic on Facebook or Insta, you cans simply tell your friends or family to give you a call in the morning.

Relying too much on Cards

We might want to believe that everything has become digital, which is true to extent, but the truth is that there are so many shops or places where the shopkeepers expect you to pay in cash. Thus, too much relying on plastic money can leave you roaming in strange places looking out for ATM. So keep a reasonable amount of cash, for small purchases as it will help you.

Some people don`t learn throughout their lives and continue to repeat the same mistake. So be a smart traveler and follow our travel advice for a memorable stay. Also To get cheap tickets, do not forget to compare your flights at Smart Flyer, as Smart Flyer compares thousands of websites in one go to give you the cheapest and lowest. Visit now!

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