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We all love to interact with stars. The amazing twinkling objects spread across the sky; shining from far away distance can amuse anyone. A starry night can surely bring you some relief, reminding you about how incredible the energy forces of the nature can be.

For those who love star-gazing and getting involved in the astral studies, we have compiled a list of the places that would let you have a spectacular time looking up in the sky, and we promise you won`t complain:

  • PANGONG TSO, LADAKH- Although our first destination is popular as an adventure destination and is also one of the best travel sites, this location is also an ideal place for some serious star gazing. With the color changing high altitude lake, there is a great camping space nearby that sees hundreds of trekkers passing by every day. But Pangong Tso has been identified the best spot to get a clearer view of the night sky which dramatically displays flamboyant clutter of twinkling stars.
  • RANN OF KUTCH, GUJARAT- Compared to other regions in the western part of India, one can spot 6 magnitudes of stars that are visible to even naked eyes. Rann of Kutch is one of the best travel sites which is also famous for its desert festival. This extended salt desert aids astrophysicists and poses enough chances for astrophotography marvelously.
  • NEIL ISLAND, ANDAMAN & NICOBAR- Considered as one of the best travel sites, Andaman is famous for its beaches and Neil Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Andaman. But that is not all what gives it a third position in our list. Star gazers from different parts of the globe have experienced the blue-hued surrounding. The water of the ocean blends with the colors scattered in the atmosphere thus exuding a blue on the island.
  • SPITI VALLEY, HIMACHAL PRADESH- Spiti valley is a very sensitive ecological zone showcasing the serenity in a spectacular way. One of the best travel sites for stargazing, the sky is way clearer and hundreds of people have already experienced the stars in abundance.
  • LONAR CRATER, MAHARASHTRA- Though this place is the result of a meteorite which fell on earth years ago; it has become popular amidst astronomers, scientists and physicists etc. as a suitable point to do the star gazing.

So take your camping gears to these places and spend a night by gazing at the sky throughout the night. This could be one of the wonderful experiences that you can tell others to inspire them.

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