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The white houses with blue doors covered in stunning bougainvillea in Santorini look no less like a beautiful dream. All this, coupled with the sunset; the volcano and the caldera are some of the reasons why most of the people look forward to visit Santorini, making it one of the top travel destinations.

No wonder, the island has become such a popular destination in the past decade. Every summer, thousands of people flock to this spectacular island to spend some time chilling on the beach. But despite the popularity there are plenty of things that a visitor should never do. Find out what they are below:

Look Beyond Oia

Undeniably, Oia is the most photographed village places in Greece. Located at the northern tip of Greece, the lovely village of Oia is also one of the top travel destinations. But, Santorini has much more to offer to tis visitors than its caldera views and sunset. Adorned with charming beaches, ancient sites and even wineries, Santorini has no dearth of tourist attractions.

Don’t Overspend On Meals for the View

Tourism has spread its roots in Santorini and according to the system; you may more for location in Santorini than for the food. Although there are some restaurants that offer million-dollar-views over the sea and are quite worth it, but you shouldn`t only limit yourself to those places. A delicious meal by the sea in Akrotiri or with a view of the black sand beach of Perissa would be as delicious and will cost you even less than Fira or Oia.

Stay Away From the Tourist Traps

A sunset cruise or a donkey ride might sound appealing, but more often than not, it is a tourist trap. These overhyped activities will squeeze the money out of you and you will end up paying a lot for travelling with crowd to packed places. While trying out any of these activities is not a bad thing, but your visit to one of the top travel destinations won`t be any less spectacular if you will not try them.

Don`t Invade Someone`s Private Home

During the peak season, thousands of tourists flock to Oia in the afternoon to find the ultimate spot to catch the sun sets on the sea, coloring the sky with warm hues. Most of the times, people sit for hours before the show and to secure a good spot, they sometimes overstep on someone`s backyard or over their fence. Refrain yourself from doing that.

Speaking of the sunset, Oia is not the only option to watch it; however it is one of the best spots for it. But it is wise to catch the scene across the island from a place where you can hang out and enjoy the show, without causing trouble to locals.

Santorini is nevertheless one of the most spectacular and top travel destinations in Europe. But as a responsible traveler, keep yourself away from doing all the above mentioned things. So while booking your tickets to Greece, don`t forget to go through our short guide.

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