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If you have been feeling your blood rushing to your brains or hot flashes after looking at your friends feed on Facebook, then worry not! According to a research at Travelex – the foreign exchange giant, there is a list of destinations where even your small budget could last you longer than you can expect.

The survey was based on daily tourist expenses that include – three restaurant meals, four soft drinks, two beers, two coffees and two trips by using public transport. If you are a British and looking for a destination where you can travel thriftily, check out the list of best travel sites:


One of the best travel sites, Portugal has earned the reputation of Western Europe`s bargain spot which is gorgeous as well as value for money.The country offers an amazing mix of scenery, a wide variety of accommodations, historical sites and museums, top-notch wineries and a real gourmet scene. Best part? It is accessible by low-fare airlines too!


South Africa

From wildlife to nightlife, deserted beaches to cosmopolitan cities, jungle to deserts, travelers` attractions in this vast country lies in diversity. Apart from the natural landscapes, you will find two of the world`s most famous luxury trains – the Blue Train and Rovos Rail`s Prideof Africa.The only downside is that the flights are quite expensive.


Whether it’s the stunning Istanbul, sandy beaches of Turkish Riviera, the spectacular Blue Mosque, the streaming mineral pools of Pamukkale or some of the most stunning Roman ruins from 200 B.C, Turkey has something for everyone, that too at good prices. Turkey is one of the best travel sites in the world and has an easy access. The upside is that one can fly cheaper as Turkish Airlines is offering some of the best deals.

Poland & Hungary           

Poland`s two primary visitor centers, Krakow and Warsaw, both offer an appealing mix of historical architecture and ‘old town’ centers. These centers put focus on more recent World War II and Cold War history. Hungary has beautiful Budapest- one of the best travel sites, which is home to some magnificent architecture that you would love to marvel at.  

Czech Republic & Bulgaria

The Czech Republic and Bulgaria are the last two gems of Eastern Europe that can under a budget. Providing some of the eccentric mix of history, nightlife, culture, scenery and cuisine, Bulgaria and Prague has topped the chart of best travel sites and a must-do site for budget travelers. Both are easily accessible and share a similar reputation.

If you thought you will have to spend the rest of your life by liking the pictures of your friends, this survey is great news for you. So pick one of these countries as your next holiday destination and book your tickets.

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