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Packing is an art. The internet is flooded with different magical ways to carry more in a small space. Those who are wise, balance their list of essentials with the requirements of the airlines and airport security. They also make sure that their vital items are easily accessible and can be easily found to keep them comfortable in flight.

But not all the people excel in the art of packing and they end up scoffing out more money for the excess baggage. Therefore, to help you save some money, we have gathered 4 common carry-on mistakes that you must avoid by using our travel packing tips:

  • Carrying Liquids or Gels Larger than 100ml- We understand how difficult it is to be a woman and to carry all the daily essentials in small quantity. But if you will compare ‘carrying creams and gels in small quantity’ with ‘shelling out money in big numbers’, you would realize that the former one is the most beneficial. If you have to travel with full-sized bottle of sunscreen and shampoo, it must go into your checked bag and not the cabin bag because world`s airports restrict gel/liquid items more than 100 ml in your hand luggage.
  • Taking Other Prohibited Items in your bags- Every country has different list of prohibited items, but as a general rule you should never put few things in your carry-on luggage. For instance, firearms, explosives, weapons, razors, knives, baseball bats or other sporting equipment. Scissors are allowed as long as the blades are shorter than 4 inches. Along with following our travel packing tips, you must also do a google search for the respective country you are flying to.
  • Burying creams and gels deep in your bag- Sometimes it takes more than couple of minutes to check-in because we bury our pouch containing gels and liquids deep in our bags. Thus to save some time in the security line, use our travel packing tips an always keep your pouch right at the top of your carry-on bag, or somewhere it is easily accessible. This way you will not have to spend your time digging around while keeping other passengers wait in irritation.
  • Over-packing- We all are aware that checked bags are subject to extra fees if they are oversized or overweight. But did you know that many airlines weigh carry-on bags as well? Where Air France allows a generous 12 kg as the total weight of your carry-on plus your personal item, Qantas only allows 7 kg bags. Therefore, best thing is to buy a weighing scale so that you can pack accordingly.

We hope, by now you must have understood how exactly you should do your packing. Our travel packing tips will help you understand what to pack and what not to pack. Wherever you are heading to, pack smartly!

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