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Why do many people opt for travelling to new places with their partner? Well, because according to a research that was published in the Journal of Travel found that partners who travelled together experienced better communication and enhanced connectivity extended into their life back home. So if you can feel the dust of routine settling on the surface of your relationship, here are 3 travel ingredients that can add a zing to your recipe of romance:

Two to Tango

No, we are not asking you to enroll for a Tango Dance classes (although that too would have been utterly romantic), but what we are trying to point out here is that plan a trip to spend some quality time with your partner. In life, it is not where you go, it`s who you travel with, likewise, your company is more important than the destination itself.

So whether you two are gazing at the setting sun in Bali, or admiring the intrinsic details of Notre Dame, it`s not the destination, but the journey that matters. Especially, when you are travelling with your partner! You can pick any international holiday packages for your vacation.

Change of place, Change of heart

More often than not, most of the couples begin to take each other for granted after a certain point of time. This is where the downfall of a relationship starts. Travelling with your partner gives you ample amount of time to spend with each other minus the disturbances. When you are outside your usual surroundings and free from daily responsibilities, you need to process a lot more information because of the new place.

Therefore, breaking out of the routine takes the entire romance quotient a notch higher, as both of you see each other under a new light. So pick out of any international holiday packages to surprise your partner.

Undivided Time & Attention

The daily life grinds each and every one of us. The everyday demands of life generally suck out the entire day that is the most crucial for a couple in order to sustain for a long term. That urgent important mail from your work or continuous beeps blaring out from your phone looms largely over your ‘we time’, even while you stay under one roof.

Travelling to a new place will give you a break from the monotony along with quality time to spend with each other. Pick international holiday package to a place where there is less connectivity, so that you rekindle the lost romance.

Know Each other, All over Again

Travelling requires you to take lot of decisions together. From picking the dates to selecting an accommodation or budgeting for the trip, a trip will help you understand each other`s preferences. Also you will learn how to embrace the differences without creating conflicts.

A relationship is made from plenty of inescapable irritants, ability to understand each other and with lot of respect and care for each other. So plan out something this Valentine`s Day or you can also pick from any international holiday packages that are available on traveling sites.

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