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Travelling is fun but what makes it more enjoyable is to stay safe during the flight. There are plenty of guidelines that one must read before getting aboard, because reading them at the airport will serve no purpose. Reading travel guide beforehand comes handy, but as a traveler with special requirements, it becomes essential to go through the entire safety tips.

So without further ado, let`s get down to business. Here is a quick travel guide to things that you must be aware of if you are a traveler with special needs:

Pregnant Flyers

First things first! Ask yourself, are you absolutely sure to fly when you are carrying another life right inside your belly? If it is absolutely necessary and the journey can`t be delayed, then you need to carry your medical certificates at all time when travelling. There have been so many cases of expecting-mothers delivering their babies on board. It not only poses threat to the new-born but also to the mother.

Therefore, ask your doctor first before hopping on to the flight and get a fly clearance from your doctor and all the documents with details on your pregnancy. Different airlines might have different regulations and policies regarding the pregnant passenger, so check beforehand about the airline`s policy and make all the necessary arrangements, accordingly.

Passengers with Reduced or Limited Mobility

If you are specially-abled passenger or use a wheelchair, there are few things that you must keep in mind before taking a flight:

  • Generally, most of the airlines, do not allow wheelchairs to be brought aboard. They generally store the wheelchair in luggage.
  • While some airlines do not allow the wheel chair, others would require you to fill a medical form at the time of booking or reservation. You completely filled form and timely submission will help the airline to make prior arrangements.
  • Some airlines charge for wheelchair assistance while others do not, thus it is best to check travel guide before booking the ticket.
  • If you are carrying your own wheelchair, inform the airline authorities about its dimensions at the time of booking or reservation.

Flying with Medical Condition

Sometimes some journeys become unavoidable. So if you have a medical condition, but need to fly somewhere, consult your doctor and then follow our travel guide. If your doctor doesn`t recommend travel, don`t risk it. Also if you have underwent any surgeries or have an unstable medical condition, infectious or contagious medical condition, make sure that you carry a doctor`s certificate with fitness-to-fly-clearance.

Having reached the end of our travel guide, we are absolutely sure that you could do with platitudes like it`s ‘better safe than sorry’! Just know that a smart traveler never leaves things to chance.

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