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We all have crazy to-do list that we want to tick off before we turn 30, especially when it involves a trip to the Land Down Under. Australia is an amazing country which has plenty of adventurous things to offer to everyone.

Paradise on earth, Maldives, with 99% sea and 1% land is an absolute treasure. The archipelago of the island nation of the Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is every traveler`s dream. With clear emerald waters, pristine strip of sand, gorgeous beaches with swaying palms and the most diverse as well as vibrant marine life, Maldives is a perfect holiday destination for the beach lovers.

Pack your bags and plan your trip to this beautiful destination but before you go, check out some facts about Maldives that are unbelievable:

World’s First Underwater Cabinet Meeting

Ever heard about a cabinet meeting taking place underwater? We bet you didn`t because we too came across this beautiful fact only after it took place for the very first time in Maldives. In the year 2009, the then Maldivian government held a cabinet meeting underwater.  The business suits and ties were replaced by the scuba gear and oxygen cylinders. The reason behind this surprising change was to create awareness and highlight the increasing threat of global warming that is affecting the country.

 Flattest Country in the world

The country is not only the most sizzling in terms of its natural beauty but also has a significant place in the Guinness World Records as being the lowest and the flattest country in the world with a maximum elevation above sea level of 2.4 meters. An amazing holiday destination with a record! Now that is something to boast of!

Home to Whale Sharks

What Australia is to Kangaroos, Maldives is to Whale Sharks! If there is one place where you can witness the world`s biggest fish throughout the year, it is Maldives. The adventure seekers can go diving with certified instructors and can actually swim alongside a whale shark. A close encounter with such a giant mammal will make your entire trip memorable for the rest of your life. Visit this beautiful holiday destination on New Year.

1190 Coral Islands and 26 Islets

The Maldives has 1190 Coral Islands and 26 Islets. 187 out of 1190 islands are inhabited, out of which 106 being standalone luxury resorts.

A Sinking Beautiful Holiday Destination

Due to the increasing global warming and many other environmental changes, the islands of Maldives are getting severely affected. Coral levels are rapidly plunging and the government has implied strict laws to prevent further damage to the island.

Serene, gorgeous and breathtaking, Maldives is a perfect holiday destination that offers larger than life experiences. Stay in a luxury villa and make the most of your vacations here. You can easily book a flight to Maldives as the country is well-connected with most of the cities.

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