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Travelling is an amazing hobby and it shouldn`t stop even after you have kids. There are so many people who think that once they have kids, it is probably the end of their travelling plans; after all travelling with kids is a huge responsibility. Well, that sure is, but travelling with kids can be quite enjoyable too, if you have the right information and correct travel tips.

So if you are a mother or an expecting one, here are some of our basic travel tips for travelling with kids under the age of five:

  1. Include Your Kids in Your Itinerary

No matter how much you have been waiting to go to your favorite place, once you have kids, you have to think before making any plans. So unless you are not planning to leave the kids behind with their grandparents, lend us your ear. Plan your itinerary in such a way that it also includes places and activities that are meant for kids. Children look forward to the holiday as much as you do; therefore a long scenic drive might fascinate you, but not your kids. Thus, plan for beach stops, open parks, play areas etc.

  • Do not Rush

When travelling with kids, expect for the vacation to be less packed with activities, as you may not be able to tick off all the tourist spots. This amazing travel tip will save you from going bonkers, when travelling abroad.

  • Find Kid-Friendly Activities & Places

Most cities and tourist destinations have kid- friendly places to discover and hotels/restaurants. So do your research in advance and read the local guides for your very own recommendation as those travel tips will help you a lot while you are on vacation. Once you know where to take your kids or what to do with the kids in the city, there will be no room for confusions and last minute frustrations of ‘not enough beach time’ or ‘no space for your favorite activity in the itinerary’.

  • Plan Short-breaks

Unless you are travelling with a one or two year old kid, you will need a series of short breaks through-out your vacation. Hungry or tired babies or toddlers make for a cranky day, so plan accordingly to feed the baby or kids every two to three hours. A travel tip that can save your entire day.

  • Invest in a Good Stroller

Travelling with kids is never easy. So therefore invest in a good stroller if you are travelling with a child under the age of three. If you travel plans involves too much walking, this will be the best thing to carry along. Kids are always full of energy in the morning, but too many activities can bog them down, making the walk to dinner, really difficult. So buy a good stroller or if you can borrow from someone, go ahead, do that. This travel tip can simply make your entire vacation a walk on cake.

  • Pack a Day Wise Bag

By packing a day-wise bag, we mean packing light but packing in all the essentials. Make a list of all the essentials that you will need throughout in a day and pack them all. Also, last but not the least, keep calm! The vacation is meant to be a relaxed family holiday, so it shouldn`t be ruined by last minute hassles.

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