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There are so many places in the world that are spelled and pronounced entirely differently and let`s face it, we all have mispronounced those places in our lives. To err, is to human after all, but when you re around with a circle of friends, mispronunciation can be a tad embarrassing, resulting in making you a butt of jokes.

Thus, to avoid any blunders, here is a handy list of 4 countries that boast of beautiful landscapes, serene surroundings and a name that you must have been mispronouncing your entire life:

  1. SEOUL (Pronounce it as – SOUL and not see-oohl)

Traditional yet sophisticated and modern, Seoul has been working hard over the last decade to soften its industrial hard edges into an appealing urban ideal of parks, design and culture. This dynamic city, which is one of the best holiday destinations, represents a mash-up of palaces, temples, mountain trails and cutting-edge design that attracts millions of visitors every year. The beautiful landscaped parks alongside the central Cheong-gye stream and the Han River have pushed on the creation of more natural green spaces and cycle routes.

  • PHUKET (Say: POO-ket, Don’t say: foo-ket)

With jade-hued waters and white-gold beaches wrapped in Phuketian heritage, Phuket is Thailand`s dazzling largest Island. The island is so diverse that you may forget to leave from here. The island is home to unique cultural riches that will completely leave you awe-inspired. Considered as one of the best holiday destinations, Phuket sits blissfully within day-tripping distance of both Ko Phi-Phi`s popular dive sites and the renowned, national-park protected, immensely beautiful Similan Islands. Now when you know how to pronounce it correctly, why not spend your next vacation here?

  • BEIJING (Say: bey-JING, Don’t say: bay-zhinngg)

Compelling yet complexed, modern yet traditional, glorious yet owing a notorious past, Beijing is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Beijing alone offers galore of choices when it comes to places. The magnificent Forbidden City is located in the center, while the other sublime temples that offer an amazing sight to its visitors. Food is an obsession for the Chinese and the delicious variety that you can enjoy here will reflect the sheer joy locals take in eating.

  • COLOMBIA (Say: co-LOHM-bee-uh, Don’t say: co-LUM-bee-uh)

Unspoiled Caribbean coast, soaring Andean summits, enigmatic Amazon jungle and cobbled colonial communities, Colombia boasts all of typical South America`s allure and more. The country is blessed with a diversity of landscapes that only few places can match, making it as one of the best holiday destinations. Want to indulge in outdoor adventures? Travel here.

It is absolutely essential to pronounce the countries well, when you are out and travelling with your friends. Although, friends won`t mind, but it is good to know how to pronounce certain countries and words correctly. So travel to one of the best holiday destinations and book your tickets now!

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