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When it comes to women travelling solo, the internet is filled with all kinds of travel hacks. But if you dig little deeper, women travelers are like regular travelers. From usual packing to shopping guide and safety guidelines, if you too are a woman traveler, going solo, here are eight travel tips to keep your vacation secured:

Pre book and pre plan

The key for a perfect vacation is to get your bookings done in advance and to start planning early. Do not wait for the last minute bookings, as it will lead to expensive flights and accommodations. You can leave some little things like cabs and restaurant later, but it becomes essential to get done with vital bookings like cab and hotels in advance.

Keep documents together

If you are travelling by air, it is best to keep your essentials and important travel related documents in one place. Also click pictures of your hotel confirmation along with tickets bookings in your phone, so that you don`t have to juggle between your luggage and documents. So keep your passport, ID card, tickets, phone, wallet and phone in one place. A travel tip that will help you stay organized, throughout the trip.

Install some great apps

Before commencing your journey, download useful apps like GPS, translator, currency convertor and travel guides to make your travel convenient. This travel tip can help you organize your journey in a more organized way

Be Confident

If you get lost and need to read the map, do not do it by standing in the dark corner of an alley. Get inside a restaurant and take all your time to read the city map. Also do not look confused as it might make you appear vulnerable to the scammers.

Trust your Instincts

A woman`s best friend is her gut feeling. So if you feel little weird about a certain place, person or a situation, walk out of it. This travel tip will keep you safe.

Travel during the day

This is advisable for everyone, especially for women who are travelling solo. You will not only enjoy a better view, it will be far easier for you to figure out your way in an unknown country. Plus it will be safer.

Track your expenses

Deciding on a budget and travelling under it is the most essential favor you can do to your pocket.  So have a separate budget for your travel and keep tracking the money, you are spending. Try to curb the shopping instincts.

Pack light

Travelling to a new place involves carrying lot of dresses and shoes, but when travelling alone, it is best to pack light because it will be you who would have to carry the luggage alone. Or, if unfortunately you are stuck in an unpleasant situation, it will help you to get out pronto.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks, pack your bags and book flights to your favorite destination. To get cheap tickets, do not forget to compare your flights at Smart Flyer, as Smart Flyer compares thousands of websites in one go to give you the cheapest and lowest. Visit now!

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