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Some decisions can change our lives for the better, while some can prove to be bad, very bad, especially while travelling. After researching for hours, following travel packing tips and curating a polished travel itinerary, you might rest assured that there is nothing that can spoil your trip. But one wrong decision can turn the tables around, resulting in bad trip.

Don`t let any of the following bad travel decisions ruin your next vacation:

  1. Avoiding Travel Insurance on Expensive International Trips

It is okay to skip travel insurance when you are travelling domestic or an inexpensive weekend getaways or if you are traveling somewhere where you can easily access medical care. But when you are flying international and your expenses are quite high, travel insurance is almost always a wise idea. To determine whether you need Travel Insurance or not, ask yourself questions like- how much you have spent on non-refundable airfare, rail passes or trip deposits, or will the place you are traveling to offer premium medical services?

If you can find yourself nodding a ‘yes’, then you must seriously consider travel Insurance, or you will end up losing a handsome amount of money if the trip gets cancelled.

  • Risking Life For a Perfect Selfie

We all love to get clicked, perfectly! But risking your own life for a picture is something that everyone should think twice before doing. A recent study discovered that around 259 people died while taking selfies, which makes it one of the most common causes of death. Some people were washed away by the waves, while others got run over by a speeding train. Therefore, be smart enough to use travel tips while traveling. Be responsible and do not get carried away to get a perfect picture.

  • Not checking passport and visa requirements

After planning and running the entire itinerary on the loop in the mind for months, you realize upon arriving at the destination that you don`t have the visa you need to enter. Sounds too awful? Therefore it is always recommended to check the document requirements for your destination. Whether the country provides ‘visa-on-arrival’, ETA or you will have to apply for it in advance, everything should be crystal clear to you. From the passport requirements to other documents that are needed for proper entrance, you must be aware with everything.

  • Hectic Itinerary

Vacation means to break away from the rigorous routine and to relax for few days. A hectic itinerary can make the entire purpose of taking breaks go in vain. A vacation should feel like one and not a forced march from one place to another. Many visitors want to tick off as many places as they can upon visiting a new place, which is understandable. But rushing to different places in less time without having enough time to enjoy the local culture and the sites you are seeing can leave you exhausted.

While travelling we tend to overlook tiny little things that can have repercussions later. So use your common sense and make decisions that will benefit you and give you a memorable trip.  

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