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With over-head bin space decreasing and the charges for check-in baggage increasing, it has become insanely important to travel light, organized and extremely stylish (for those Instagram posts). So most people believe in paying extra for the luggage, but the smartest way to travel stylishly is to know what to pack according to the destination you are about to explore.

So avoid wardrobe fatigue on the road by making your basic clothes go chic and the extra mile. With just few little tweaks here and a nudge to your creativity there, your travel closet optimization will take you the long way. So if you want to enhance your travel wardrobe, follow our travel packing tips:

Basics go far!

So let your basic tees and tops take care of the extraordinary looks you might want to possess. A quality and well-fitted t-shirt can go the long way. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, skirts and almost everything for distinct purposes. Reliable and wrinkle free, a good t-shirt can save you from a bad wardrobe day.

Wear Reversible Clothes

How cool and convenient it would be if you can pack a shirt or a jersey which is reversible and can be styled both ways. Look for amazing looking pieces with bright patterns and casual look that will look stylish upon wearing. You can change the look the very other by reversing the jersey for the maximum and a different look. This smart travel packing tip will save huge space in your bag and will give you amazing photographs for your social media account.

Go Neutrals

Want to play safe? Go for neutrals! Packing clothes in neutral shade like beige, browns, peach and light pink, creams and grays that make for good base colors for summers or winter vacation wardrobes. These colors can be mixed-n-match with any attire all week long. You can also pick scarfs and mufflers in bright colors and patterns to brighten up the dull winters.

Bring Accessories

An accessory can enhance the look and appeal of even a simply looking dress or clothing. Pack chunky neckpieces and vibrant single strands that will make even a basic looking dress more presenting. Use this travel packing tip to look stylish.

Invest in comfortable footwear

You might feel tempted to pack every single pair of shoes with your, but that is not possible. Make sure that you invest in a good quality and multipurpose shoes that will do the double-duty or sometime triple-duty. From sport shoes to ballerinas to espadrilles, pick something that will go with every dress. In general, high quality footwear with solid soles is your best bet for traveling. Long lasting and comfortable shoes will hold-up for multiple uses.

Packing light, doesn’t mean you can`t take stylish along with you. By following the above mentioned travel packing tips, you can rest assured that you will turn heads on your vacation.

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