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France`s capital city is a beacon for architecture. Paris is an exemplary of culinary excellence and the capital of haute couture. The city is an epicenter of art and sits at the cutting edge of culture, for it is home to every world-renowned museum, Michelin-star restaurant and big-name fashion house and various contemporary art galleries displaying the world`s best piece-of-art, which makes it a top holiday destination.

Neighborhoods in the city is constantly reinventing itself and if you thought Paris had given up all its secrets, prepare to think again! The galleries, parks, museums and cultural centers on our list will offer the first time visitors something that will offer a lasting memory, without them wasting most of their time waiting in the queue.


For the history buffs, there is plenty of things to be explored from visiting Monnaie de Paris, which is France`s longest-serving institution. This strangely under-promoted museum has an undiscovered side which you can unravel by visiting its exhibitions. Its temporary exhibitions are held three or four times a year and features contemporary art that will more than make up for missing Center Pompidou or the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. You can book cheap flights to Paris to visit here.


Opened in 1921 as a chic cinema, the vibrant interiors of Le Louxor rightly match to its colorful past. The structure is Egyptian-inspired Art Deco design at its best. Saved by the local community, the place was reopened, in all its former glory.


If you would love to take it slow or would love to cycle, run, walk or simply sit and take in the day, then Promenade Plantee is the perfect place. Less touristy and less crowded as compared to its popular counterparts, the promenade stretched from between Bastille and the Bois de Vincennes. The garden pathway is stretched for 4.7 km and is adorned with trees.


Discover the unexpected at Le Centquatre! It may sound bizarre at first that we are actually recommending you to visit a converted municipal mortuary, but this site has become city`s most vibrant cultural center. You can visit here anytime of the week and you will find musicians, artists and dancers performing or rehearsing in its wide open spaces. There are also plenty of cafes, shops and food trucks, so you can really expect a good day.

Yes, Paris is indeed a place that boasts of plenty of tourist attractions that are popular all over the world, but the city also has lot of gems, completely hidden and unexplored. So when are you visiting Paris?

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