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These days when there is an upsurge in low-cost airlines, everyone prefers to fly rather than board a train or take a bus. Although flights have reduced the time it takes for people to cover the long distances, it has increased the anxiety of having to deal with people who are rather rude or have no idea that they are violating the basic rules of travel etiquette.

From skipping lines to reclining seats, here is a list of 5 golden rules you might be violating while travelling:

Travel Etiquette 1: The War for Armrest

We all have been there and done that! This situation is very common and almost every passenger must have come face to face with a fellow passenger for the control over your shared armrest on a plane. If you are done with sharing the cold vibes with your fellow passenger then you will be glad to know that when it comes to armrests, it is one armrest per passenger. Technically, the armrest that has your media and electrical outlets will be the one you use.

Travel Etiquette 2: To Recline or not to recline

A heated topic of debate that literally makes your ears eject smoke of frustration is whether to recline or not to recline. The rule of thumb is not to recline your seat until and unless you are not on a long-journey. As there is very little space for leg room, reclining your seats takes away much more from the person behind you. Also before reclining makes sure that the person sitting behind you is not having his/her meal. You can even take that extra step of consideration and ask them if it`s okay to recline your seat.

Travel Etiquette 3: Skip the queue

You are running late and you are about to miss your flight because you found out that there is a huge line at airport customs. So what do you do? Should you politely wait in for your turn and miss the flight or beg the people in front of you to let you go first. You have two choices –one to tell or request the other passengers to let you in first or to find a TSA agent/airport employee to explain your situation too. They will usually help you out to skip the line to make your flight.

Travel Etiquette 4: Switching Seats

When someone asks you to switch seats on a plane so that they can sit next to their travel companion, it`s a moral dilemma to decide where to swap or not to swap, especially when you have paid extra for your seat. So if the person asking for the swap is giving up on a better seat, then it is a feasible option, otherwise ask the flight attendant for help.

A journey shouldn`t be difficult, therefore keep your flying etiquette in check. To get cheap tickets, do not forget to compare your flights at Smart Flyer, as Smart Flyer compares thousands of websites in one go to give you the cheapest and lowest. Visit now!

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