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If going on adventure trips is your weakness, then congratulations! Travelling alone to a point where you are smartly equipped to tackle any kind of emergency and unexpected situations is brilliant. But if you have never tried to travel alone but want to do it then fret not because we bring you bunch of smart travel tips!

With evolving technology and so many smart gadgets coming up in line to make our lives better, you can expect to never get lost in a foreign land. Feel the rush to pack your bags! Here are some of the advanced smartphone apps which you should download before hopping on the next flight. An amazing travel tip like thins should never be ignored, if travelling alone.

So here is our list of favorite free travel apps that can make your entire journey pleasant and less complicated:


The tech giant Google has been answering all our questions since so many years. Now with its other functional applications like Google Maps, the question of getting lost is almost next to impossible. The most favorite and most trusted app provides you shortest-route, traffic updates, city tours, restaurants near your location, bank atms, turn-by-turn GPS navigation support system and what not? It can also display the traffic snarls and delays along with providing you 360 degree street views. The app is available for both iOS and Android users so follow our first travel tip and enjoy your journey.


Travelling to a foreign land may land you in a dilemma and little discomfort if the locals are not that fluent with English. Google Translate can help you out in a situation where you need to find a restaurant from local help. The app can translate phrases into more than 60 languages. For 17 languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations spoken back to you. In 24 languages, you can listen to your translations spoken aloud along with the display on your phone`s screen.  From very popular to less popular languages like Yiddish, Czech, Tamil, and Telugu and Latvian, it supports many more. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Travel to your favorite destination with Google Translate and our smart travel tips.


Staying connected with the rest of the world is equally important when you are travelling abroad. It can help you establish connection with your family members as well as friends. The app is built for both iOS and android users and will handily point out all the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots on its built-in map. A must for all the bloggers, travelers, social media junkie and freelancers as it tells about the closest Wi-Fi connection.


For all those who are brilliant in multiplying, dividing and converting the foreign currency into their local currency value, a grand salute! But for the rest of the people like us who are not so good with the calculations, XE Currency is the life saver. This handy app is capable of converting every world currency. If you can name it, it will convert it. It can also work offline by saving the last updated rates of the currency. It also has other business-oriented features like historic currency charts and rates for precious metals. Works on both iOS and Android platforms!


When you have the entire bookings online, it can be really irritating to open the snapshots of the information related to flights, accommodations, cars and other reservations. Trip it is an awesome mobile trip planner that shows all your trip details, including flights, hotels, car, map, directions at a glance. You can also sync your mobile planner or calendar with the app. If you like to make your online presence felt then you can share your travel itineraries on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is free for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone 7.

So don’t hold back! Load your phone with all these highly lifesaving applications and our amazing travel tips that will make you independent and will make your travel journey easier.

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